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Buildbox World Bits Roundup: Jelly Fire, Obstacle Road, F.I.S.H. (furniture is safe here) and More!

By | Buildbox, Game Marketing

These must-play bits are just a tiny portion of what our no-code community has been putting out into the world, and we hope they inspire you to create and share your own bits too! In F.I.S.H. (Furniture is safe here), players must help a little fish named Nugget who’s outgrown his fishbowl. There’s a much bigger bowl awaiting on the other side of the room. Tap to jump off the furniture to make it safely to your …

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6 video game marketing tips

6 Steps To Level Up Your Video Game Marketing Strategy

By | Buildbox, Game Marketing

It’s taken you months to turn your stellar idea into a gaming app. You’ve got this amazing game on your hands but you aren’t completely sure how to market an app. What do you do? You want to reach your target audience so they get to play and love the game as much as you do. You can do that when you know the do’s and don’ts of video game marketing! Read on for details ….

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Hyper casual CPI Videos

Creating Successful Hyper Casual CPI Videos – How Kwalee Helped Longterm Buildbox Creator Leighton Improve His Ad Creatives

By | Buildbox, Game Marketing, Guest Post

As many of you will know, showing off your game with a great video is absolutely vital to find a big audience. Think about the last mobile game you became addicted to, and there’s a high likelihood that a video enticed you in the first place. That’s why here at Kwalee, we spend so much time thinking about how best to showcase our unique gameplay ideas in ads – …

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Marketability Testing 101

By | Game Marketing, Guest Post

For mobile game developers, marketability is the most important test of a new game concept. The goal is to determine whether or not the market is interested in your product before you invest in full development and global launch. With the app stores highly saturated, among a sea of competition, it is crucial for developers to not only make a good game but to make a marketable game. It is this – marketability …

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Google Play Pre-Registration

How to Use Google Play Pre-Registration to Promote Your App Launch

By | Game Marketing | 3 Comments

Did you know that you can use the Google Play pre-registration feature to promote your game? That’s right! Google Play’s pre-register option was previously only available to major app studios, but now it’s open to all. That means even if you’re a one-man indie dev studio, you can take advantage of this killer pre-launch strategy to help generate tons of buzz around your awesome game before its official release. When you use …

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where to promote your indie game

Where to Promote Your Indie Game

By | Game Marketing | 11 Comments

If you want to promote your indie game like a Pro, you need to know where to go for maximum exposure, discoverability, and an edge in the App Store. Luckily, there are tons of different app promotion sites and places online that you can use to promote your mobile games. So, today we’ll share some of the best …

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Marketing Your Indie Game

Marketing Your Indie Game 101

By | Game Marketing | 10 Comments

If you’re a solo developer, marketing your indie game is vital. Thousands of new apps being released every single day, so getting the word out about your game early on and often is the only way to gain visibility and downloads. As soon as you have something to show, you should start promoting your indie game. Developing a marketing strategy is the key to app success. So, today we’ll be covering the first five necessary steps that every game developer should follow to start marketing their mobile game like a PRO …

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