Buildbox World Bits Roundup: Jelly Fire, Obstacle Road, F.I.S.H. (furniture is safe here) and More!

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These must-play bits are just a tiny portion of what our no-code community has been putting out into the world, and we hope they inspire you to create and share your own bits too!

Buildbox World Bit Roundup: This Week’s Best Bits 

F.I.S.H. (furniture is safe here) by Strawmann

In F.I.S.H. (Furniture is safe here), players must help a little fish named Nugget who’s outgrown his fishbowl. There’s a much bigger bowl awaiting on the other side of the room. Tap to jump off the furniture to make it safely to your new bowl. If you miss and hit the floor, it’s game over! Timing is everything in this fishy adventure.

Jelly Fire 

Get ready to save your monster village from a gooey invasion in Jelly Fire. Guide and fire your missile into the air blasting away giant falling gumdrop candies. If you get hit, or they crush one of the locals, it’s game over! There are currently ten challenging levels you can play in this super fun bit, now available in Buildbox World! 

Obstacle Road by Jacob’s Development 

In Obstacle Road by Jacob’s Development, players put their driving skills to the test on the ultimate obstacle course. Steer your taxi through a winding road filled with deadly obstacles and traps. Collect the cash along your route and try your best to make it out alive!

Dog Chase by RasmasStudio

Roger, the dog, is on the loose in Dog Chase by RasmasStudio. It’s up to you to help catch him. Collect the scattered dog bones to slow Roger down but avoid running into the cylinders and various obstacles that may get in your way. This bit is a fun and addictive super casual runner that you should definitely check out!

Twin Run by Jacobs Development

Another bit from Jacobs Development that’s a must-play in Buildbox World is Twin Run. In this runner, you have to guide two siblings through a course full of deadly traps like rotating saw blades and spikes. Collect gift powerups for speed and vie to beat your highest score. Thanks to the game’s fast pace, intuitive swiping controls, and overall twindom motif, it’s twice as much fun.

Dude Sticky by GameCrunch

Do you know how far you can go? In Dude Sticky by GameCrunch, players get to find out. Slide your dude hero on top of a box and then tap to propel him as far as the eye can see. The further you go, the higher the score. It’s crazy simple but at the same time a lot of fun. 

Buildbox World is updated on a weekly basis, so keep checking back! We hope this has encouraged you to create and share your own Buildbox creations in the form of bits with the community!

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