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Marketability Testing 101

By | Game Marketing, Guest Post

For mobile game developers, marketability is the most important test of a new game concept. The goal is to determine whether or not the market is interested in your product before you invest in full development and global launch. With the app stores highly saturated, among a sea of competition, it is crucial for developers to not only make a good game but to make a marketable game. It is this – marketability …

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Boxnation Podcast Episode 4: Ad Monetization Best Practices With ironSource

By | Buildbox

In this fourth episode, Justin Norman, ironSource Director of Product Strategy, shares his top tips for ad monetization success using ironSource. He discusses the different types of ad units that you can use. Also, the best practices for ad placements and why reward videos work so well. In this talk, you’ll learn how creators just like you can improve their app retention to boost earnings too …

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Our Ad Monetization Tutorial Videos For AdMob And ironSource

By | Buildbox | 4 Comments

Learn how to better monetize your games with our Ad monetization tutorial videos. The first tutorial covers integrating Google AdMob into your Buildbox games, and the second shows you how to monetize with ironSource easily. Both of these new tutorials walk you through the entire step-by-step process, from setting up your account with the Ad networks to integrating the actual ads into your app. You’ll learn how to add …

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