How to Monetize Your Buildbox Games With ironSource

By February 11, 2020Buildbox

With the release of Buildbox Free, we’ve partnered with ironSource, the leading game growth platform, to help you better monetize your games for success. Although integrating ad networks into Buildbox is nothing new, we’ve streamlined the whole process by partnering up with our friends at ironSource to make adding engaging video ads into your games faster than ever before. You can now just plug in your ironSource SDK settings for instant no-code ad integration. 

Here’s a quick tutorial on how easy it is to setup ironSource ads in your game:

ironSource: App Monetization Done Right

For those unfamiliar with ironSource, they’re building a growth platform for mobile game developers, offering a wide range of growth products including an ad network, ad mediation, an ad monetization A/B testing tool, and more. They also have an impressive 8-year long track record of being a reliable partner for both indie developers and major publishers like Voodoo, Kongregate, Zynga, and Gameloft, helping them make sense of their growth strategy and scale their games. With ironSource, you have the ability to boost your game’s revenue by adding banner ads, interstitial ads, rewarded video ads, and offerwall ads. You get the highest price for each ad impression and have the option to experiment and A/B test your ad units to find a monetization strategy that works. 

When you sign up with ironSource, you get access to their reporting and insight tools to monitor your ad performance. They also have an easy to use mobile app that allows you to check your monetization and app’s overall performance while you’re on the go. You’ll always have a clear picture of your revenue and growth no matter where you may be. It’s a great way to stay on top of things — especially on-the-go. Taking advantage of ironSource’s helpful resources and their suite of tools can help increase your game’s revenue. 

The Growth Loop 

“To successfully scale your game business, look at your game’s growth as a loop rather than a funnel.” – Nadav Ashkenazy, VP Global Partnerships at ironSource

ironSource has a blog, podcast, webinars, ebooks, and even a glossary of ad terminology to help you become an expert at monetizing your mobile game. Nadav Ashkenazy, VP Global Partnerships recently, shared the company’s approach to app growth at ironSource’s Gamefest 2019 conference. The talk was titled, “How to Win With the ironSource Growth Loop.” It’s definitely worth checking out. In it, Nadav reveals how game developers can take their app business to the next level by looking at their game’s growth as a loop instead of a funnel.

During the talk, he walks through the various steps of creating a growth loop. The method involves combining monetization strategies alongside effective mobile ad campaigns to create a continuous cycle of growth. Both can be accomplished using the ironSource growth platform and their monitoring tools. 

Mobile Game Monetization Tips

Nadav also shares some useful mobile game monetization tips too. He suggests using both interstitial ads and rewarded video ads in your game and experimenting to find the right balance for your players. You can use LevelPlay, which is ironSource’s in-app bidding solution, to automate your monetization. Think of in-app bidding as an auction: all your ad sources bid against each other in real-time, and the highest bidder gets to show an ad on your game. There’s no manual effort needed with in-app bidding, so it’s a great monetization solution for who would rather focus their resources on building and improving on their game.

If you want to learn more about the best practices for placing ads, ironSource’s free ebook, the Definitive Guide to Ad Monetization, goes much further in-depth. It’s a great free resource for game developers who want to level up their ad monetization strategy. 


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