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The Psychology of Game Design: How to Keep Players Engaged

By | Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

Now, onto the juicy part—making games that players can’t put down. It’s all about the challenges and rewards. Mix up the difficulty levels to cater to casual players and those looking for a real challenge. And rewards? They don’t always have to be big. Sometimes, a simple “Well done!” can keep players hooked. Remember, feedback loops are your best friend here, providing that constant nudge for players to …

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'Make Isometric Games'

How to Make Isometric Games

By | Game Business Blog, Game Dev Tips

In our new ‘How to make isometric games’ video series, you’ll learn how to build your own 2.5D style game with Buildbox. You don’t need to create 3D graphics, and in fact, you won’t need any game art at all. We’re going to show you step-by-step how to start from the beginning.  You’ll see …

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Making Phases

By | Game Showcase, Showcase Games

Three months ago, as we were nearing completion of an alpha version of our game building software, Buildbox, I started working on gameplay presets.  The preset was going to be a very simple jumping game similar to Doodle Jump.  Since it was my first time playing with a near completed version of our software, I went a little crazy …

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