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If you’re not a skilled coder or game designer using game source codes can be a big help. They allow you to save time during the game development process by eliminating the need to do a lot of coding or designing to complete your game. If either skill is not your strong point and you don’t know where to begin than game source codes might be a good route to take. You can even use them with Buildbox.

Game source codes work similar to app templates. You can buy them on various websites and then change the game’s theme and graphics to make it your own.

So, where can you buy good game source codes to use for your game development needs?

After some researching, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best marketplaces and sites to buy game source codes. All of these websites feature a wide range of quality game source codes that can help anyone get you started in making games.

Let’s dive right in!


When you’re looking to sell or buy game source codes, asset marketplaces are great places to search. For source code sellers and game developers, GameGorillaz is a great option, especially for anyone looking to complete their game dev project in one-stop. At GameGorillaz you can choose from an extensive line of products to help you build a game from start to finish. They feature game source codes from most development platforms, art packs, game audio, music, sound effects and game bundles. Their source codes can vary from partial bundles geared towards more advanced developers to full game projects for newbies.

All of the game source codes’ descriptions are in-depth with an overview, features, requirements, and instructions on how to modify. There’s also additional information to inform buyers fully. It’s worth checking out.


ChupamobileOne of the leading asset marketplaces for buying and selling source codes is Chupamobile. At Chupamobile you can find more than just game source codes. There’s a variety of app source codes and graphic based bundles available as well. Their library is extensive with over 3,500 source codes and templates to choose from. Although their prices can vary, they have game source codes to fit practically any budget. There’s also exclusive flash sales and deals.

Chupamobile also features free learning tutorials for developers interested in learning how to make games. There are 394 tutorials available teaching everything from building applications to Xcode game development.


Code Canyon

Another popular site for game developers to score some awesome game source codes is CodeCanyon. Envato owns this marketplace. If you’re not familiar with the brand, they’re known for their line of high-quality digital assets, products and services including sites like Tutsplus and ThemeForest.net. At CodeCanyon they have everything, from app and game source codes to WordPress plugins and PHP scripts. You can sell or buy source codes from practically any platform or framework. CodeCanyon also has a passionate community of active sellers. The site’s features make it easy to view authors’ portfolios, ratings, badges, sales and to contact them to ask questions.

If you’re searching for Buildbox game source codes on CodeCanyon, just click on the ‘mobile’ tab and then filter your search with the tags ‘games’ and ‘Buildbox.’ The side panel filter options can help you find any platform or game type. It’s quite handy.

Sell My App

Sell My App

A trusted veteran in the marketplace is Sell My App. They offer a vast collection of game source codes for a variety of different niches and platforms. There are also app templates available in a wide range of categories. Sell My App makes finding game source codes effortless. You can search for Buildbox or any other platform of your choice codes by merely clicking on the platform’s logo. Then you can search for a specific gameplay type through the filter options to find your ideal game.

Sell My App has excellent how-to guides and tips. They also offer additional customization services from their team to help you successfully launch your app.



Similar to CodeCanyon, Codester features much more than just game source codes. You can also find a variety of plugins, themes, PHP scripts, game art assets, and app source codes. They have a massive inventory of source codes, templates, and plugins. If you’re trying to make games, Codester’s collection of 2D game assets is worth browsing. They have an assortment of fresh themes, backgrounds, and game character sprites available.

There’s always a good deal available at Codester too. They’re continually having flash sales allowing users to snag a 50% discount. Also when you create a free account, you’re able to download the free files of the week, every week. Not bad, right?!


App n Game Reskin

Appngamereskin is an app and game source code site that features a nice selection of game templates from multiple platforms and niches. They also have UI asset graphics available for as low as $5. Their games vary from puzzles and arcade-based to action-packed adventures. If you’re in a rush, they feature ‘Quick Launch Apps’ as well. A ‘Quick Launch App’ or ‘Ready to Go App’ is a completed app that’s already monetized that you can buy.

When you purchase this type of app the game source codes are edited for you and ownership of the app is transferred to you and uploaded into the App Store. ‘Quick Launch Apps’ are only sold once unlike regular source codes that are sold multiple times.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Appngamereskin, they also have an ‘Outsource Your Project’ section where you can put an order in to have a game created by their team.

Sell My Source Code

Sell My Source Code

Sell My Source Code is a good place to snag game source codes as well. They have an large selection of over 2,700 source codes available for multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. At Sell My Source Code you can also find 3D game source codes for sale. They have a nice variety of games to choose from. For developers interested in making multiple games they feature app bundle packages as well.

At Sell My Source Code there are two different buying options available. Users can buy only the source code, or they can purchase a Reskin App Store Submission package. This option includes the game source code plus the customization of the app, icon, screenshots, Ad integration and even the submission to the App Store by their skilled team.

Final Tips & Thoughts on Game Source Codes

Now that you know where to buy game source codes, it’s important to remember a few things when purchasing and using them. The first tip is read the site’s policy. Every asset marketplace varies in how they do things. Knowing the guideline and rules ahead of time will help you make the best purchase decision.

The second tip is to read the game source code’s description and requirements carefully. When you’re reading the listing, consider your skill level and resources. Some game source codes are easier to work with than others. Make sure you select the best option for you and your game development needs.

BONUS TIP: Don’t be afraid to directly contact the game source code seller to ask questions if you have any. Most sites allow you to contact them through the website before you’ve even made a purchase. Utilize that option.

The third tip for using game source codes effectively is to do your research on the latest game trends. Although, most game source codes feature a popular game theme and niche it’s essential to browse the top charts to see what’s currently trending before you go shopping. For the best results, research which games are performing well in the charts. Then search for game source codes with a similar style.

The fourth and final game source code tip is to edit or customize your source code. This is paramount for success. Whenever you’re using source codes you need to customize it to make it your own. It can be as simple swapping out the graphics and changing up the theme. As long as you make the necessary changes, you’ll be able to make it into something unique. Remember when you’re using game source codes, you’re not making a clone. You’re creating a better version of the original game.

Following these tips are essential if you want to get the most out of your money, be profitable, and avoid any legal issues.

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