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Pilot Project

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Pilot Project

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Pilot Project by Moland Websystem & Joyride Apps. Currently ranked Top 100 in five different countries in both the action and casual games categories, Pilot Project is a perfect example of the type of incredibly fun games that can be built with our 3D game maker, Buildbox 3. It’s a 3D action-packed mobile game where players literally take flight. So, let’s take a closer look at …

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how to design 3d games

How to Bring Your Imagination to Life By Developing 3D Games

By | Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

If you’re ready to start designing your first 3D game, this guide will show you how. Learn everything from how to insert and manipulate objects, add some action and even how to name a game that will have players clicking it as soon as they see it. In a 3D game everything pops out into a third dimension. Objects now have height and up-down movement along a third axis – the z-axis. Most 3D games use …

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New Premium Template Hornet Hunter Now Available!

By | Buildbox

Get ready to level up your game development with our new premium template Hornet Hunter now available for sale right inside of Buildbox! From Brainboxes™ with all the game mechanics built-in plus dual joystick controls to themed game assets, this template includes everything you need to instantly create an exciting aim and shoot 3D tank game. Introducing Hornet Hunter …

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Sugary Delight

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Sugary Delight

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Tomato Owl’s Sugary Delight. This delicious bakery-themed 3D game built with Buildbox and no-code lets players flex their culinary skills as a chocolatier. It’s been featured in the app store’s arcade and trivia games category worldwide, including countries like China, Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Russia, France, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. So …

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Buildbox Game Spotlight: RotaMaze

By | Game Showcase | One Comment

This week’s spotlight is TapMen Games’ RotaMaze. It’s a cool 3D spinning puzzler that’s crazy fun to play. RotaMaze was built with Buildbox in only a month. “It’s one of the fastest games we’ve made,” said Radu Popa from TapMen Games. This unique maze game with spinning action and 3D painting has …

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Indie Game Showcase

Buildbox 3 Indie Game Showcase Roundup!

By | Game Showcase | No Comments

Wow, we’ve been blown away by all the incredible games our customers are creating with Buildbox 3! And we know there will be many more to come. So, today we’re just rounding up some of the coolest 3D games thus far, built with our software to inspire you in your game development journey. The first must-play game is Nite Fighter by Ben Scriven. In Nite Fighter by Ben Scriven, players get to race through a 3D …

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Dash n' Blast

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Dash n’ Blast

By | Game Showcase | One Comment

This week’s game spotlight is Popa Radu / TapMen Games’ Dash n’ Blast. It’s a fun and extremely addicting 3D arcade puzzler made with Buildbox 3. Dash n’ Blast is currently ranked in multiple countries from the Ukraine to Pakistan in the Top 100 arcade and puzzle category. In Dash n’ Blast players enter a colorful 3D minimalist world with a simple objective: slide …

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Dev Blog #11 – Buildbox 3 Lights & Nodes

By | Buildbox | 5 Comments

Our development team and staff have been super busy polishing up Buildbox 3 and gearing up for our BIG official release (coming very soon ). It’s going to be incredible, and we all appreciate your patience. The wait will be well worth it. Buildbox 3 will be a 3D game-changer for indie developers at all levels from novice to veterans. We’ve added so many …

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Curling Disc

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Curling Disc

By | Game Showcase | 2 Comments

Ponyom Games is on a roll this month, Boxers! They’ve just released another very 3D game called Curling Disc that’s definitely worth checking out. It was made using Buildbox 3, and we’re super pumped to feature it as our game of the week! Curling Disc is an action arcade game with the simple but incredibly addictive concept of disc throwing. The game’s developer …

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