Buildbox 3 Indie Game Showcase Roundup!

By July 16, 2019Game Showcase
Indie Game Showcase

Wow, we’ve been blown away by all the incredible games our customers are creating with Buildbox 3! And we know there will be many more to come. So, today we’re just rounding up some of the coolest 3D games thus far, built with our software to inspire you in your game development journey.

Buildbox 3 Game Showcase Roundup

Nite Fighter by Ben Scriven

In Nite Fighter by Ben Scriven, players get to race through a 3D futuristic world blasting enemy fighter jets and avoiding obstacles in the night sky. The gameplay is similar to the classic arcade shooter, After Burner II but with a unique 3D upgrade, cinematic special effects, and a heart-pumping soundtrack. It’s a fast-paced high-flying good time and super challenging. Players have to maneuver through skyscrapers and bridges all while staying on target. If you love arcade shooters or flying games, you’ll definitely want to check this one out!

Night Fighter is available for download on iOS.

Coin Dizzy by Ben Scriven

Also made with Buildbox 3 and created by Ben Scriven is a fun 2p coin pusher style game in 3D called Coin Dizzy. This game has simple but extremely addicting gameplay. You get to go coin crazy literally and have a lot of fun in the process. This 2p coin pusher is full of serious coin action with spinning coins, explosions, and other surprises.

Coin Dizzy is coming soon to the App Store & Google Play!  

Pod Race 3D by Sonmez Sogut / Ponymom Games

With Pod Race 3D you get to participate in a 3D sci-fi race with game mechanics similar to Ketchapp’s Fit in the Hole with a surprising twist. Instead of tempting to fit in each gap, you have to blast your way through. There are plenty of gravity-defying obstacles that can trip you up in Pod Race 3D. Players have to do their best to avoid bouncing balls, rotating orbs, and more. You can check out a full review of the game and learn more about Ponyom Games, right here.

Pod Race 3D is available for download on iOS & Google Play!

Toboggaining by Sonmez Sogut / Ponyom Games

Another cool title from Sonmez Sogut’s Ponyom Games is Tobogganing. In this 3D game, players hit the slopes on a sled through an icy wonderland. You can unlock different animal and creature based characters from bears and giraffes to a mighty dragon. Blast your way through snowman obstacles and trees but beware of the hidden rocks. Tobogganing was Ponyom Games’ first game created with BB3. They also have another fun one called Curling Disc that’s available for download too.

Toboggaining is available for download on iOS & Google Play!

Drone Escape by Santhakumar Kaliyamoorthy

Santhakumar Kaliyamoorthy’s Drone Escape has a rich plot and sleek 3D graphics that transport players into another world to help DroneX escape his storage facility and defeat the evil AI set on destroying all of humanity. If you enjoy sci-fi themed games, this drone arcade is worth giving a try.

Drone Escape is available on iOS & Google Play!

Dronez by Brian McIntosh

Continuing with the drone theme, Brian McIntosh’s Dronez takes a minimalistic approach to the genre by having players explore a vast shipping yard while avoiding any obstacles they encounter. The game also features a cool underwater maze that’s fun and equally challenging.

Dronez is available on iOS & Google Play!

Knife Drop by  Mykola Rudenko

The popular fruit slicing genre gets a new twist with Knife Drop by Mykola Rudenko. In this fruit, slicing game players drop knives downward to chop random fruit before they fall pass the line. Your aim must be precise since these delectables come prepared with protective armor. If you accidentally hit the fruit’s shield, it’s game over. The varying speeds and fruit sequences make this game much more challenging than other similar games.

Knife Drop is available for download now on iOS.

And those are just a handful of the cool 3D games our customers are creating. We love to see the games you’re creating with Buildbox 3. Tweet us @buildboxcom and show us your best ever game trailer!

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