Buildbox Game Spotlight: Pod Race 3D

By March 4, 2019Game Showcase
Pod Race 3D

We love to showcase your games! Whether it’s in our feature spotlight post or our Games Showcase or All-Star’s page, we’re always thrilled to see what you’ve been creating with Buildbox. Our ‘spotlight’ picks are usually indie game releases that feature a cool theme and gameplay concept or have performed quite well on the charts. This week’s spotlight is developer Sonmez Sogut from Ponyom Games’ Pod Race 3D. And it’s a very cool flying shooter in 3D. This game was created using Buildbox 3, and we’re excited to showcase it for today’s game of the week.

So, let’s take a closer look at Ponyom Games’ Pod Race 3D!

Pod Race 3D … Fly, Shoot, & Enjoy

Pod Race 3D takes players on a sci-fi race for points, glory, and a good time. In the game, you get to navigate a space pod ‘Star Wars’ style through an evolving obstacle course. Similar to Ketchapp’s Fit in the Hole you’ll have to act quickly to pass each wall or series of obstacles but instead of trying to fit you must dodge, maneuver, and blast your way to the other side.

This isn’t your average racer or course. You’ll often encounter gravity-defying shape sequences and tricky counterclockwise moving orbs. To survive players must find a way to shoot through or avoid rotating spheres, logs, and bouncing balls firing in every possible direction. It’s a surprisingly challenging game, but also lots of fun to play. You never know what to expect in Pod Race 3D.  

During the race, you can pick up special power-ups for speed boosts but be careful. If you make a wrong move and hit any barrier, it’s game over!

If you love racers and sci-fi themed games, then you’ll enjoy pod racing in this cool 3D game made with Buildbox.

See it in action in the gameplay trailer below:

Pod Race 3D is available for download on iOS & Android!

Congratulations to Sonmez Sogut and the team at Ponyom Games on the release of their cool new 3D game!

Ponyom Games

Ponyom Games is an indie games studio from Turkey led by developer, Sonmez Sogut. They strive to create simple, addictive and fun mobile games. Currently, they have a variety of entertaining 2D and now 3D games. Pod Race 3D is just their second 3D game made using Buildbox 3. Their first game, Tobogganing is also available on the App Store.

For a relatively new studio launched in 2018, Ponyom Games have a nice selection of challenging games from puzzlers and platformers to out of this world 3D racing games. They’re all definitely worth checking out. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

It’s so amazing to see our customers building their game business. Pod Race 3D and Tobogganing are two great examples of the type of imaginative and fun type of 3D games that you create using Buildbox 3.

Will Your Game Be Next?

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We hope today’s spotlight has inspired you to start working on your game. Keep on developing!

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