Buildbox Game Spotlight: Sugary Delight

Sugary Delight

This week’s game spotlight is Tomato Owl’s Sugary Delight. This delicious bakery-themed 3D game built with Buildbox and no-code lets players flex their culinary skills as a chocolatier. It’s been featured in the app store’s arcade and trivia games category worldwide, including countries like China, Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Russia, France, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Sugary Delight by Tomato Owl!

Sugary Delight: Making Delicious Treats in 3D

In Sugary Delight, players get to step into the shoes of a budding chocolatier running a sweets shop. To become the best chocolatier in the culinary world, you must be able to keep up with incoming orders while following each recipe’s directions to a tee. Every order has a time limit of 20 seconds to complete. You’re given a plate and list of ingredients to choose all located at the bottom of the screen. Plus, a photo of what the delectable treat should resemble. Tap quickly to add the cake, pudding, frosting, cream, or sprinkles to complete the order. You don’t want your customers to be kept waiting in Sugary Delight. If you don’t finish before the timer or get the order wrong, you’ll have to try again. 

The 3D graphics in Sugary Delight are impressive. Each unique 3D treat looks like it belongs in a menu of a gourmet bakery. Players are given random orders with a different base, toppings, and decoration combinations to add. It’s a fun, hyper-casual cooking simulator to play. 

If you like cooking games and have a sweet spot for baking, then you’ll definitely find yourself addicted to Sugary Delight. 

Sugary Delight

Sugary Delight is available for download today on iOS

Congratulations to Tomato Owl on the release of Sugary Delight. This fun game was created by female Buildbox creator, Fathima Raseed founder of Tomato Owl. She’s a 3D artist and game designer making cool hyper casual games like Tulip Express, Art Heist and the Color Swatch. You can learn more about her artwork and upcoming games on Instagram and Twitter. We really hope this spotlight has inspired you! 

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Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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