Buildbox Game Spotlight: Tulip Express

Tulip Express Game

This week’s game spotlight is Tomato Owl’s Tulip Express. This beautiful 3D adventure game built with Buildbox and no-code takes players on an enchanted food delivery run full of exciting twists and turns. It’s been featured in the app store’s adventure games category worldwide, including countries like the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Russia, and the Philippines. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Tulip Express by Tomato Owl!

Tulip Express: Food Delivery Made Fun

In Tulip Express, players get to put on their helmets and step into the shoes of a delivery person riding through a stunning 3D world with danger around every corner. It’s up to you to guide your trusty scooter through the enchanted village to deliver the food on time to the locals. Although the task is simple, it can be quite a challenge. As you ride through the path, you’ll encounter a variety of obstacles like rocks and logs and critters in the form of ladybugs, snails, and even giant goldfish that you must avoid while en route. One wrong turn or bump, it’s game over. Fast reflexes are key to scoring high. 

The touch controls in Tulip Express are also super smooth, and the scenery is beautiful. It only takes a quick tap to jump or glide of your thumb to steer out of the way. The further you go, the more exciting and challenging the pathway becomes. You’ll find yourself zooming through tunnels and over bridges past magical mushroom houses, collecting coins along the way. The coins collected can be used to unlock new colorful scooters too. This 3D adventure game is a lot of fun to play and sure to be your next mobile game addiction. 

If you like adventure and love exploring unique 3D worlds, then you’ll definitely enjoy playing Tulip Express. 

Tulip Express

Tulip Express is available for download today on iOS

Congratulations to Tomato Owl on the release of Tulip Express. This fun game was created by female Buildbox creator, Fathima Raseed founder of Tomato Owl. She’s a 3D artist and game designer making cool hyper casual games like Art Heist and the Color Swatch. You can learn more about her artwork and upcoming games on, Instagram and Twitter. We really hope this spotlight has inspired you! 

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Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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