New Premium Template Hornet Hunter Now Available!

By May 12, 2021Buildbox

Get ready to level up your game development with our new premium template Hornet Hunter now available for sale right inside of Buildbox! From Brainboxes™ with all the game mechanics built-in plus dual joystick controls to themed game assets, this template includes everything you need to instantly create an exciting aim and shoot 3D tank game.

Introducing Hornet Hunter 

In Hornet Hunter, players get to command their own specialized tank to defeat the evil Hornets that have overrun their quiet village. Destroy their nests and artillery turrets in realistic tank combat, all within a 3D environment. Dual joystick controls enable you to aim and shoot while on the move. To save your village from certain destruction, aim your cannon and blast away your enemies while dodging incoming fire.

Template includes: 

  • Tank SmartAsset™ with custom Brainbox™ featuring multiple moving parts
  • Enemy turrets with smart AI that track and attack the player
  • Dual joystick controls for simultaneous moving and aiming
  • Brainevents that control and trigger complex actions
  • Villagethemed assets
  • Health bar indicator
  • Works with all subscriptions

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All of our new premium templates are available in our built-in Template Library in Buildbox 3.3.12 for instant access with hundreds of payment options, no matter where you live in the world.

Update Now!

We will continue to release new premium templates based on the most popular gameplay styles regularly. So, keep an eye on the Template Library for the most recent additions!

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