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Buildbox 3 Sale

Get 40% Off for Life on Any Buildbox 3 Plan!

By | Buildbox

Have you been wanting to upgrade to a Buildbox 3 Plus or Pro plan? Now is the time! We’ve just kicked-off a brand new sale! Don’t miss your chance to get Buildbox 3 at a huge discount and continue to renew at the same low price FOR LIFE. Start making amazing 2D & 3D games today! Hurry, the sale ends Nov 10th! This incredible sale is your opportunity to get started making games at a fraction …

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Buildbox 3.4.1 Update

Buildbox 3.4.1 Update: A New Look, New Features, and New Possibilities

By | Buildbox

Ready to Make Your Own Game? We’ve just released Buildbox 3.4.1! This latest update of our 3D game maker brings a new look, new features and functionality, and new possibilities for game creators. You can now create games in ways you never could before with more helpful tools for scaling, monetizing, and even testing your games. Plus, we’ve added a new interactive tutorial to make learning how …

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how to design 3d games

How to Bring Your Imagination to Life By Developing 3D Games

By | Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

If you’re ready to start designing your first 3D game, this guide will show you how. Learn everything from how to insert and manipulate objects, add some action and even how to name a game that will have players clicking it as soon as they see it. In a 3D game everything pops out into a third dimension. Objects now have height and up-down movement along a third axis – the z-axis. Most 3D games use …

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Buildbox Black Friday Sale!

By | Buildbox

Ready to save BIG on Buildbox? Our Black Friday Sale starts this November 27th at 10 AM PST! Get 30% off all paid plans including monthly and annual options. Already a Plus or Pro subscriber? Lock in your next year of Buildbox with this special discount pricing! Our incredible Black Friday Sale ends on Monday, November 30th at exactly 11:59 PM PST! If you’ve wanted to upgrade to …

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Buildbox 3.2.2 Update Now Available

By | Buildbox | One Comment

We’ve just released Buildbox 3.2.2 update! In this latest version of our no-code game development software, our focus was on improving the backend performance for a faster and smoother 2D and 3D game building experience. We’ve added 2D world rendering optimization, icon integration, and new export SDK for iOS v14 and Mac v10.15. There’s also some new node and attribute additions to make building …

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Create 3D Objects for Buildbox With the Qlone App

By | Buildbox | 6 Comments

Want to make your own cool 3D game assets to use in Buildbox? The Qlone App is a fun tool that lets you 3D scan real objects with your camera’s phone to create 3D models instantly. You can modify them all within the app and export it to a wide variety of platforms, including Buildbox! Using our no-code brainboxes and smart assets, it’s super easy to drag and drop components with built-in logic and animation …

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Interstellar Strike

New Free Interstellar Strike 3D Template

By | Buildbox | 5 Comments

We’ve just released a new free 3D template called Interstellar Strike in Buildbox. This action-packed template allows you to create a cool space shooter game in 3D complete with built-in logic and visual effects. With Interstellar Strike, players get to become commanders in space, controlling a spacecraft on a mission to …

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Buildbox 3.1.4 Update Plus Free 3D Template

By | Buildbox | 11 Comments

We’ve recently released Buildbox 3.1.4. With this latest version, you’ll be able to make 3D games like never before! We’ve added over 25 fixes and improvements to the software. There’s a new 3D preview feature in the Node Editor, so you can view it as you create. Plus, to make it super easy to fully customize and design your game exactly how you want it, we’ve also added tons of blending options for 3D models along with 2-sided materials for meshes too. Also, as a special bonus, we’re giving away a free exclusive 3D Buildbox template that you …

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Buildbox Free

Buildbox Free Is Now Available!

By | Buildbox | 82 Comments

We’ve just released Buildbox Free, a completely free version of our no-code game development software that anyone can download. With Buildbox Free, you can easily create amazing 2D and 3D games for iOS or Android without writing a single line of code. Our software has unique creation layers that make it super easy to build out your game quickly. No previous coding or design experience is required. You can jump right in and start creating. It’s that easy. Buildbox Free is the …

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