Top 10 Game Templates to Kickstart Your Game Development

By January 12, 2024Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

Do you want to make your own game but are unsure where to start? 

Well, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to explore the top 10 game templates to use to kickstart your game development journey, and guess what? All these gems are available right inside Buildbox 3!

Whether you’re a seasoned Buildbox user or just starting, making games using these templates will help spark your creativity. 

Starting from scratch can be pretty overwhelming. That’s where game templates come in as your secret weapon! They save time by providing you with a game concept and help streamline your game development process with assets and pre-built levels. 

Templates can inspire and fuel new ideas as you customize and build upon each level. Working with templates might even help you create the next big game craze.

Buildbox 3 features dozens of free templates based on popular genres to help you dive in and instantly start creating. You can switch out the game assets with your own game art, use free or purchased items from the Asset Library, or even AI-generated assets. It’s entirely up to you. Expand levels, modify, and make your game unique. 

Did you know Buildbox 3 offers premium templates like Brooklyn Brawler, Adventure Run, Hornet Hunter, Planetary Quest, Vegetable Knight, plus a whole section of community-based game templates made by creators like you? 

So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites in Buildbox 3 to help kickstart your game development journey!

Top 10 Game Templates to Try in Buildbox 3!

1. Interstellar Strike 

Interstellar Strike is a fantastic game template for aspiring developers using Buildbox 3. This free template lets you dive right into making a 3D space shooter. Imagine this: you’re deep in enemy territory, blasting through space battles, saving friendly aliens, and destroying starships to score big. What’s awesome about Interstellar Strike is it mixes custom coding with these neat space voxel assets, giving your game a unique look and feel. Plus, it has built-in ad spots, perfect if you’re considering monetizing your game. So, if you’re ready to take your game-making journey to new heights, Interstellar Strike is your ticket to the stars!

2. Jump Tower

Jump Tower is the second pick in this game template roundup. This simple and free template is perfect for creating a fun arcade-style game. Players have the task of guiding a ball through a tower, skillfully jumping from one level to another. The journey is filled with challenges: collecting coins for points, avoiding dangerous spikes, and maneuvering past strategically placed traps. You also can find a tutorial on this template in our Tutorial section, providing a comprehensive guide on how to create a 3D game. 

3. Car Collision 

Car Collision is an adrenaline-pumping game template and our third pick. It offers a high-speed, dense traffic scenario where players skillfully dodge other cars to avoid catastrophe. The game stands out with a blend of 3D car models, strategic ad placement, and intuitive tap-to-steer controls. This free and simple template’s versatility allows creators to flex their creativity with realistic car models or more playful, wacky assets. So, buckle up and give Car Collision a test drive! 

4. Platformer 

The fourth selection in this game template roundup is Platformer, a great choice for those interested in creating a classic 2D platform game. This free template provides a solid foundation for developing an engaging platformer experience. Players can navigate their character by tapping on-screen buttons or using the keyboard, enabling them to run and jump over obstacles, navigate platforms, and collect coins to achieve high scores.

Platformer’s simplicity and adaptability are its defining features; creators can easily substitute the included assets to create diverse themes, such as space, jungle, dungeon, or any other imaginable setting. This flexibility transforms Platformer from just a template to a creative canvas, serving as a robust starting point for crafting unique platform games. Its user-friendly design and versatility make Platformer a great resource for aspiring 2D game developers.

5. Pool 

Next up in our top game templates is Pool – a classic hit with a twist. This free template lets you jump right into the action, pulling back the cue ball and watching it smash into the others, all with some really cool physics. What’s neat here is the slingshot asset mixed with custom coding, giving the old-school pool game a fresh feel. Plus, it’s got ad spots for easy game monetization. But here’s the kicker: Pool’s not just for pool lovers. It’s super versatile, perfect for creating soccer, golf, or even quirky arcade games. If you’re into trying out different game styles, Pool’s a must-try in your game development journey. 

6. Ball Flipper 

Ball Flipper, the sixth pick in this game template roundup, is a super cool starting point for anyone looking to create a classic brick breaker game. This totally free template gives you all the basic mechanics of the beloved genre, where you swipe to control a paddle and bounce a ball to smash and flip bricks. Plus, the template is designed with spots for ads, so developers can easily make money from their game. Ball Flipper is the ideal option for both beginners and seasoned game developers seeking to create a nostalgic arcade game. 

7. Third Person 3D Action 

Jumping into the cool stuff from the Buildbox community, let’s talk about the ‘Third Person 3D Action’ template by Apptmise. Perfect for diving into 3D game projects, especially if you’re thinking of RPG action games. You get to control a detailed 3D paladin character, battling through a bunch of obstacles and enemies. The template’s got some awesome features like fluid animations, two unique 3D enemies, a level generator for endless fun, and a health bar system. It’s a complete package for anyone interested in making a 3D RPG action game.

8. PRO Coloring Book 

Number eight on our list is ‘PRO Coloring Book’ by Gorilla-Studio, a cool template for making your own mobile coloring book app with Buildbox. It’s a creative mix of tech and art, offering 30 levels of coloring fun for all ages. The best part? It’s super easy to customize and reskin, so you can make it fit whatever artistic style or theme you’re going for. Whether it’s a kids’ coloring book, a chill art app for adults, or something totally different, ‘PRO Coloring Book’ gives you the base to turn your colorful ideas into reality. If you want to make your own coloring book app this template is for you!

9. Artzle Picture Puzzle 

Next template to consider is Artzle Picture Puzzle by GameAppStudio, a great choice for anyone into making picture puzzle games. It’s all about a grid with jumbled image pieces that players need to rearrange to complete the picture. Each level brings a new challenge, mixing strategic thinking with some visual flair. It’s more than just a game; it’s a brain teaser that’s both fun and mentally stimulating. Plus, you can tweak it to fit different themes and styles, making it a great pick for developers who want to create games that really get players thinking.

10. Sneaky Mouse 

Last but not least, we’ve got ‘Sneaky Mouse’ by Apptmise, a super cute 3D game template that’s all about adventure and strategy. Picture this: you’re a sneaky mouse on a mission to swipe cheese while dodging dangers in a kitchen full of obstacles. The game’s packed with cool 3D kitchen settings and furniture, making it a really immersive experience. A standout feature is the 360-degree camera control, letting players explore every nook and cranny of this vibrant world. Plus, the gameplay music adds a fun vibe. Perfect for developers who want to mix adventure, strategy, and a bit of humor in a cool 3D setting, ‘Sneaky Mouse’ is your go-to for creating a game that’s fun for all ages.

And that wraps up our top 10 game templates in Buildbox 3! But hey, this is just the start. A whole world of awesome templates is waiting for you in Buildbox 3, way beyond these ten. Whether you’re just starting or a game dev wizard, there’s something for everyone. And guess what? You can snag Buildbox 3 now at a sweet 50% off! So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and start creating your dream game today!

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