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Another Buildbox Game Hits Number One

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We’re proud to announce that out of the top three games in the App Store right now, two were made with Buildbox!

The first is Damn Daniel which is at #1 and the second is Color Switch at #3.  Damn Daniel is the second #1 app created with our software just in the last month.  Color Switch, which was the #1 app in over 100 countries, is still doing unbelievably well with over 40,000,000 downloads and counting.

Buildbox is truly one of the fastest game development platforms to-date. Both Damn Daniel and Color Switch were made in under a week using our software.





New Buildbox Game: SKY

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We’re happy to announce that our latest Buildbox game, Sky, has been both Featured by Apple and given banner placement on the home screen:

Sky was created by our very own Nik Rudenko (lead developer at Buildbox) and shows off some pretty cool new features he’s been playing around with on a prototype version of Buildbox, including portals, clones and paths.

You can download SKY now on iOS and Android.

Introducing the Buildbox All Stars (and leaked screenshot)

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Hey Guys,

It’s been an exciting week here at Buildbox as we’re all preparing for the huge special event this Wednesday.  This is going to be our largest product to date and I can’t wait to show it off.  It’s absolutely massive.

Today we’re going to leak a screenshot from just part of this product, and also announce the release of our All-Stars.

The Buildbox All-Stars

Just this year Buildbox has had an astounding 9 games featured by Apple.  This is not only more than any other game builder… it’s more than all of them combined!  Pretty amazing and we’re excited to celebrate these customer successes with a new All-Star section.

On a weekly basis, we’ll be updating this section to show you what Buildbox games are Featured by Apple and/or breaking the Top 100 so make sure to check back often.  Just last week we had the release of two All-Star games (.PXL which was featured by Apple and Circulate which broke the Top 8 of all games) and this week we’ve had yet another break the Top 100 Games (Swaggy Ninja) while Cosmos was featured in 94 countries including the United Kingdom.

1st Leaked Screenshot

We’ve seen many forum post, questions and social media write-ups trying to guess what we’re launching next week.  No one has guessed it yet, but we’ll give you another hint right now ;)

With Buildbox, we solved the need of hiring a programmer.  Now you can create games without ever learning how to code, but unfortunately you still have to hire many other people to solve other needs.  Next week, we will solve all of these problems as well.

This will be the biggest project to date and it will consist of many different parts.  Here’s the first “leaked” screenshot:

Circulate. – New Buildbox Game Crushing the Charts!

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We’re proud to announce that yet another new Buildbox game is crushing the top charts.

This week it’s called Circulate. from customer Simon Crack.

It’s currently ranked in the Top 50 of all US games and recently made the Best New iOS Games List in MacLife. In the UK App Store it’s a trending search term and quickly climbing higher in both the US and UK charts. To add to the excitement, Simon went completely solo on this one … so this is all without any major publisher support.

When you play this unique puzzle hopper, you’ll see why it’s doing so well. Circulate. could possibly be the best Buildbox game made yet!

Check it out, it’s available on iOS.

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The Making of The Line Zen

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Last year we were approached by Ketchapp to create a sequel to their hit game, The Line.  Strangely, The Line was a big inspiration for my game Phases, so we jumped at the chance.

What came to be was The Line Zen and so far it’s the most successful Buildbox game to date.  We were featured by Apple, a trending search topic and are currently the number one iPhone game in the US.

Below is a short video detailing how we created the game with our drag and drop software:

Line Zen Takes #1 Spot for All Games

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We’re excited to announce our latest Buildbox game, The Line Zen, is the #1 game in the US iPhone App Store.

We’re a bit shocked and honored by the feedback on our latest Buildbox game.  We’ve been featured by Apple, a trending search term, hit number one of all iPhone games and have broken the Top 10 list of all apps in the US.  The Line Zen is also the number one of all apps in France, Belgium, Hungary, and Poland, and in the Top 100 of 90 total countries!

Thanks so much for everyone’s support and you can follow along step by step on my personal Facebook page here.

The Line Zen is a physics avoidance game and sequel to Ketchapp’s 2014 hit game, The Line.  It’s available now for both Android and iOS.  Look out for a new video walkthrough of it’s creation soon!

Buildbox Availability

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In August we had a grand opening of Buildbox for 7 days.  During this time over 500 people got the software and then we closed down the release so we could work out any issues or bugs that might arise.  We’ve been lucky and things are running very smooth.  When we hit version 1.1, we’re planning on opening it back up again (at this point for good).

1. When will it be released again?

We don’t have an exact date, but we’re shooting for October.

2. What all is included with Buildbox?

Buildbox includes a full license to the software, a starter pack of art that has over 3,000 images you can use in your games, a sound pack with music and effects, and a full training suite of over 50 videos.  Half of the videos are technical in nature and teach you to use the software and the other half are business training explaining what I’ve learned after 13,000,000 downloads.  Here’s an example video from the series.

The Creation of Buildbox

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Our company, 8Cell, INC, is a global company with 15 employees who work remote.  Our main office is in San Diego, CA where Nik and I worked hand in hand on Buildbox the last couple of years.  There were many people involved in the process and we wanted to capture some of the spirit and thought process behind our software through this mini-documentary which you can watch here.