StoryGames AI Bit Roundup: Visual Novel Games to Spark Your Imagination

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Do you love visual novel games? 

StoryGames AI enables anyone to create their own visual novel games quickly by answering a few questions. This incredible AI tool generates a ten-chapter visual novel with a unique storyline, AI-generated art, and interactive choices. 

You can access StoryGames AI on the Buildbox website and download it to edit and expand your visual novel game right inside the Buildbox Classic application. 

And the best part is that it’s also available in the FREE app Buildbox World, allowing anyone to create games directly on their mobile phones.

So today, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 new games built with StoryGames AI that you have to play! These games are sure to spark your imagination and bring out your inner storyteller. 

StoryGames AI Bit Roundup: Top AI Visual Novel Games to Play

The Chase

In The Chase, players must evade a relentless pursuer and find safety. The story begins with the protagonist waking up to a mysterious note warning them that someone is after them. They discover a hidden message that leads them to an old abandoned mansion. 

L&FA Village

Another interesting visual novel game to check out is L&FA Village. It’s a tranquil adventure where you can escape, reclaim cherished memories, and cultivate self-love. You can join in lively festivals, visit a beautiful waterfall, and discover a hidden cave filled with crystals in your pursuit of inner peace and acceptance. 

The Hero’s Journey

Get prepared to vanquish foes and rise as a legendary hero in the Hero’s Journey. In this StoryGame AI Bit, you awaken in a foreboding forest, surrounded by enemies, and must charge valiantly into battle. Explore, conquer, and triumph over the nefarious sorcerer.

Interstellar Adventure

Journey across mesmerizing planets, gather valuable resources, and construct your very own digital board game in the captivating Interstellar Adventure. Prepare to delve into mysterious caves, lush forests, wide deserts, and even snow-covered mountaintops. This Bit definitely lives up to its name. 

Lost Prince: A Journey of Redemption

Plunge into a world of peril and intrigue as you embark on an epic journey through a dangerous city. You discover a powerful amulet, leading to an adventure beyond your imagination. You must unite a parallel kingdom, defeat a dark sorcerer, and find a new family in Lost Prince: A Journey of Redemption.

The Jungle Treasure Hunt

Do you have the skills to survive the treacherous jungle? In The Jungle Treasure Hunt, you set off on a thrilling adventure to uncover a hidden treasure in a dense jungle, armed with just a gun and a backpack. Every decision you make will determine your survival. 

The Haunting of Ravenwood Mansion

In the Haunting of Ravenwood Mansion, you wake up in a dark abandoned mansion, unsure of how you got there. It’s up to you to escape the haunted mansion by solving puzzles, finding passages, and defeating a terrifying creature. 

Survival of the Fittest

In Survival of the Fittest, players find themselves trapped in a battle royale and must fight to survive. You’ll find weapons and allies as you attempt to navigate traps, defeat opponents, form alliances, and emerge as victor! 

We hope these must-play games inspire your own storytelling and take your game development to the next level! 

If you haven’t yet, be sure to download the Buildbox World App and Buildbox to make your own visual novel game today! 

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