The Making of The Line Zen

By May 4, 2015Uncategorized

Last year we were approached by Ketchapp to create a sequel to their hit game, The Line.  Strangely, The Line was a big inspiration for my game Phases, so we jumped at the chance.

What came to be was The Line Zen and so far it’s the most successful Buildbox game to date.  We were featured by Apple, a trending search topic and are currently the number one iPhone game in the US.

Below is a short video detailing how we created the game with our drag and drop software:

Trey Smith

About Trey Smith

Trey Smith is founder at and also owns a mobile game company with more than 55,000,000 downloads. 8 Games from his company have broken the Top 30 of the App Store including The Line Zen, Phases, Jump Pack and Monster Magic. Follow for updates on Facebook or Twitter.


  • Avatar Abhay Kumar says:

    Hi, Super video I have a Question that when i run game project in buildbox one scene comes many times , how to solve this problem and what is uses of End Scene and Endless game project ….?

  • Avatar bolkay says:

    This is nice! I will build my game soon!

  • Avatar Fredd says:

    Excellent, I’m inspired! How you did to add the ketchapp ads, buildbox has this feature?

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      The Ketchapp cross promotion ads were added post-export for the compile. Any programmer can assist in placing ads/analytics at the beginning of a game.

      • Avatar Fredd says:

        OK, thanks for the reply. You could tell which site uses ketchapp for cross-promotion or use your own system?

  • Avatar DJ_Waffle says:

    This game is SUPER FUN. Can i somehow get the buildbox version of it? I want to check how the levels are created and all that stuff. I wouldn’t post it ofcourse.

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately we cannot share the game file for the line zen due to intellectual property concerns and also it was created using an experimental build of Buildbox so it would not be able to open in any public builds we’re afraid. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Avatar TroyKillKing says:

    How do I make a game

  • Avatar Bryan says:

    Hi Trey.

    This is such an informative video. Just one question, what is the initial game play preset for this game? Look confuse for me… I just need an idea.


  • Thanks for another nice video

  • Avatar Franklin says:

    It really looks fun just to build and experiment by playing the games and tweaking them to perfection…

  • Avatar Ilya says:

    I realy enjoy while tracking how you are, guys, change world of development for mobile devices.
    Where can i find information about “how to” launch games in appstore and googleplay?

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Hi, check out my sister site, I created a 100 page guide there that shows you exactly how :)

      • Avatar TroyKillKing says:

        How do I make a game

      • Avatar john says:

        hey there guys, I find using buildbox hard. I don’t get what to do. I have seen the tutorials bu that didn’t help. I have ideas. but I cant get my head around it. I bought the full version of it. now im having doubts. unless you can help me use it, than ill be more than happy thanks.

        • Avatar Tiana says:

          Hi John, sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting started. We are happy to help. To avoid sharing your great ideas publicly, please contact our support team at and tell them what you’re trying to do and they’ll point you in the right direction with in-depth instructions. Thanks!

  • Avatar zak says:

    Super :)