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In August we had a grand opening of Buildbox for 7 days.  During this time over 500 people got the software and then we closed down the release so we could work out any issues or bugs that might arise.  We’ve been lucky and things are running very smooth.  When we hit version 1.1, we’re planning on opening it back up again (at this point for good).

1. When will it be released again?

We don’t have an exact date, but we’re shooting for October.

2. What all is included with Buildbox?

Buildbox includes a full license to the software, a starter pack of art that has over 3,000 images you can use in your games, a sound pack with music and effects, and a full training suite of over 50 videos.  Half of the videos are technical in nature and teach you to use the software and the other half are business training explaining what I’ve learned after 13,000,000 downloads.  Here’s an example video from the series.

Trey Smith

About Trey Smith

Trey Smith is founder at and also owns a mobile game company with more than 55,000,000 downloads. 8 Games from his company have broken the Top 30 of the App Store including The Line Zen, Phases, Jump Pack and Monster Magic. Follow for updates on Facebook or Twitter.


  • Hello Trey Smith How do you get buildbox for free.

  • Avatar King says:

    Can we buy buildbox for lifetime in single installment?

  • Avatar Sak says:

    Hi can you please tell me when the 2.0 30 days challenge is going to release.
    I am too excited to work with buildbox

  • Avatar Elijah G. says:

    1.) Just curious does the buildbox software allow for the use of accelerometer features like tilt, shake and so on?

    2.) Any plans for buildbox to include the use of the smartphone’s camera features within game app’s ?

    3.) Can I easily import my own sounds created from Fruity Loops for my games ?


    Elijah G.

  • Avatar ANONYMOUS says:

    I finished my 1st little game on the trail you made and I’m ready to export it, but, I can’t export to Android or IOS. Do I have to purchase the full thing if I want to do this?

  • Foreign beauty guys?
    I’m really enjoying the software, the problem here with me and that he not be accepting sound. What do I do?

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Hi Junio, are you using MP3s? Only MP3 files are accepted. If so then how high is their bitrate? What is the error message or what exactly is going on when you attempt to place the MP3 file into the sound box? For direct assistance you can contact our tech team at

  • Avatar thea says:

    Hi, I have a question about Buildbox. Can it make match 3 games and can it edit match 3 source code you made for free download.


    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Hi that option is not currently possible in Buildbox. However, you can make these types of games and more. The original games are listed for inspiration. Buildbox may not be able to make the exact games in every case.

      • Dogfight (ex. 1942)
      • Jumping (ex. Doodle Jump)
      • Racing (ex. Spy Hunter)
      • Flappy (ex. Flappy Bird)
      • 360 Shooter (ex. Smash T.V.)
      • Avoidance Wide (ex. On The Line)
      • Avoidance Lateral (ex. The Line)
      • Side Shooter (ex. R-Type)
      • Impossible (ex. Impossible Game)
      • Runner (ex. Canabalt)
      • Shooting Runner (ex. Robot Unicorn Attack)
      • Motocross (ex. Road Trip 2)
      • Platformer (ex. Cloudberry Kingdom)
      • Helicopter (ex. Jetpack Joyride)
      • Downward Bounce (ex. Jupiter Jump)
      • Sticky Jump (ex. Spike Dislike)

      • Avatar thea says:

        Thanks for the reply

        I have the match 3 source code that was for free from last year.
        Can I reskin it and make it different for commercial use.

        Also may I ask, since I couldn’t open the source code because l totally couldn’t open coco2dx. When talking to programers or artist how can I give them information about the source code.
        For example number of images to reskin or design assets.

        Thanks again

        • Avatar thea says:

          Really appreciated your answer, it made things clear.

          Also, I talked to a designer/programmer about changing the game. I couldn’t answer basic questions like how many graphics need to be change. It’s because I can’t open the source code. Is there a way I can show them what needs to be change like an asset list. Or a way for me to see the game so I can see what needs to be change.Without me being able to open the source code.

          Sorry for many questions

  • Avatar Joshua says:

    When I try to run build box, I get a “server error”

  • Avatar Dafe says:

    For all the doubter,build box is really easy to use ..after the 30days game challenge I am convinced to buy.If you are still having doubts ,check out my game & leave a nice rating ..hehehehe

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      That’s awesome Dafe! Thanks for participating in the 30 Day Game Challenge. :) Feel free to share/post your game on the Buildbox Facebook page.

  • Avatar Vyvyn says:

    I’m almost done with the 30 day challenge, And despite the current limitations have made a pretty decent climber type game.. However the only devices we have in our household are windows computers and android phones.. But there’s no option to export to Android to test it there, And compiling a windows EXE makes the gamefield too large to play and therefor impossible to play or test on a 1280×720 display. :/ Is there ANY way to not nesessarily publish the game for android, But be able to copy it over to test at least the display aspect?

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Yes, if Window EXE is too big we can fix it for you and make it fit in your resolution. Take a screenshot and send it along with your email to our customer support team at and they’ll assist you.

  • Avatar Frank Podraza says:

    thx for the help, but if i save the game file, then buy 1 month of the subscription, could i then export it

  • Avatar Frank Podraza says:

    Hi, I am almost done with my game in the 15 challenge, but i can’t export to iOS. i was wondering if there is something you need to do to export it.

    • Avatar Tiana says:

      Hi Frank, unfortunately in the 15 Day Game Challenge there’s no option to export to iOS. During the free challenge participants can only create and export games for Amazon, Windows, Windows EXE, and OSX platforms.

  • Avatar Youssef Asaad says:

    I just downloaded the free version and it seems that after 15 minutes of use BuildBox version 1.1 crashes. I believe there is a but in the software as this only seems to happen when i am building a motorcross style game. I believe it has something to do with the new enemy collision system. I think this system can be very useful and powerful however it is unusable at the moment. Please fix the bug and it will be great!

  • Avatar Tom Rader says:

    do you have any plans on going public? I would like to invest at some level. I’m not a gamer but I see the potential. Just an idea, think about combining 3d printing, interaction, gaming. Seems plausible to me. I’m Tom Rader and I do believe in Dreams to Reality.

  • Avatar Joseph says:

    Where can I find the tech requirements to run Buildbox on my machine…is it for Mac or PC?

  • Avatar Luke says:

    Why is this software so expensive? In Australian dollars its $3085 that’s quite a lot Unity is free and pro costs half the price, is it the image licenses but honestly I thought it would be at the most $100 dollars and the fact it is not true 3D is mind boggling…. I really do like the product and its very intuitive but I know your advertising to the casaul audience but do you expect them to pay $2.6k for something they could do in game maker!And it has not been in development that long either! What like 20 months? Let me remind you Unity was in developmemt since 2003! Really drop the price to $100 dollars at the most and please use the overview video in your ads. I would really like an explonation!

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      First off, thanks for the kind words about Buildbox. We’ve worked really hard on it and it means a lot.

      As for pricing, while we’re very different than Unity in many ways, but we’re actually a good bit cheaper. We don’t have add-ons with Buildbox, so you don’t have to pay more to export to iOS, Android or get all the features. For comparison, it cost $4500 USD to unlock all of Unity’s features.

      As for Gamemaker, Game Salad and the like… We like those tools, but what we created is very different. All the other options on the market are very difficult to use unless you know programming or scripting and most are hobbyist based, having limited monetization options.

      Our customers are mainly game business owners or game entrepreneurs starting a new business. They are interested in being able to create good unique games quickly that are fun to play and monetize well and Buildbox delivers that.

      Is it a niche? For sure. We also own and created Buildbox because this small “DIY game entrepreneur” market was growing and we wanted to grow with them. We totally understand this software isn’t going to work for everyone, but for the people that do like it, they can build successful businesses with a single investment and nothing else except occasional art and sound.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.

      Trey Smith

  • Avatar Walter Montgomery says:

    I want to buy it right now, but scared to miss the new version 1.1 When will it be released and if I buy now will I get the upgrade?

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Hi Walter,

      All versions until 2.0 are free. Every 1.X release will have some cool new features and we have some great plans for 1.5. We won’t do a whole new version until the end of summer at the earliest.