New Buildbox Game: SKY

By September 17, 2015Uncategorized

We’re happy to announce that our latest Buildbox game, Sky, has been both Featured by Apple and given banner placement on the home screen:

Sky was created by our very own Nik Rudenko (lead developer at Buildbox) and shows off some pretty cool new features he’s been playing around with on a prototype version of Buildbox, including portals, clones and paths.

You can download SKY now on iOS and Android.

Trey Smith

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  • Avatar Saritha says:

    Hi all,
    I am using Buildbox version 2.2.8.
    How can i generate the multiple characters in gameplay like in sky game. How to get trigger multiple characters, in gameplay.

    Please help me.

  • Avatar Kristy says:

    Can you tell me how the character automatically follows the trails on this game? Also what preset was used for the game what it started with the impossible preset then customized?


    • Avatar Tiana Crump says:

      This was a new feature for trails/paths that will come with Buildbox 2.0. We design occasionally with beta builds of upcoming Buildbox features to test them and refine them.

  • Avatar Lauro says:

    Simply extremely beautiful…

  • Avatar Franklin says:

    Awesome… love the game, addicted already. Thanks again!

  • Avatar gabriel says:

    can you plz tell me how to sign in PLZ! response as soon as possible thank you!

    • Avatar harshil says:

      just go on the page “”″”
      write your email on the blank box
      click send me button below box
      you will receive a password
      you will be redirected on a second page click on number 2 write your password and click on download