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What a Publisher Looks for in Hyper Casual Games

By | Buildbox, Guest Post

If you’re already making games in Buildbox, you may already be dreaming of reaching a massive global audience with your creations. You should be too, because it’s well within your grasp! Buildbox is a great tool we regularly recommend to those who want to create brilliant hyper casual mobile games, so if you’re already using it you’re on the right track – especially if you’re taking part in the latest Buildbox game jam! 

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Working with game publishers

Working With Game Publishers

By | Game Dev Tips

If you’re having a hard time making games as a solo indie dev, then finding and landing a deal with the right publisher can be a game-changer. Working with game publishers is one of the best ways to get app downloads and boost your game’s visibility in the App Store. So, today we’ll share the top tips to follow for …

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'Publisher Elite Image'

Publisher Elite Crosses 25 Games

By | Buildbox, Buildbox Notes

Wow, we’ve just hit a new major milestone! Our Publisher Elite Program now has 25 deals either signed or in the process of closing. For those unfamiliar with Publisher Elite, it’s a year-long program where Buildbox founder, Trey Smith, works hand in hand with game creators to make, finalize, and …

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