Publisher Elite Crosses 25 Games

By September 27, 2017Buildbox, Buildbox Notes
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Wow, we’ve just hit a new major milestone!

Our Publisher Elite Program now has 25 deals either signed or in the process of closing.

For those unfamiliar with Publisher Elite, it’s a year-long program where Buildbox founder, Trey Smith, works hand in hand with game creators to make, finalize, and pitch their games to publishers.

After learning directly from Trey in a 6-week boot camp style training session, they show off their game ideas and get approval and guidance on the right direction.  Then, after many back and forths, the game is finally ready.  Trey then pitches it to a publisher that is working with Publisher Elite, including the top tier of the app store like Ketchapp, Fortafy, Nanovation, Chillingo, Voodoo, Absolute, Umbrella, Noodlecake, and more.

There are 52 customers in this year-long program, and we just crossed the halfway mark with the last submission process. This puts us on track for 50 deals done before its completion, so we’re thrilled with the success rate and looking forward to our continued work with this amazing group.

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A Few Publisher Elite games, Pearl Popper, Sky Wave, and Tiltaway

Soon we’ll be opening up the second season of Publisher Elite, so make sure to look out for info.  This will be a rare chance to work hands-on with a game business founder who has 62,000,000 downloads and make valuable connections with top publishers.  Stay tuned!

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