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How to Turn Your Creativity Into a Business

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Are you full of ideas? Buildbox is the ultimate tool to use to turn your creativity into a business. Our powerful no-code software enables anyone with an idea to make a polished game that they can publish on the app store for profit. You don’t need any prior coding, design, or technical skills to use Buildbox. It’s extremely easy to dive right in and start creating incredible 2D and 3D games for iOS, Android, and …

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Boxnation Podcast – Episode 1: Pitching a Successful Game With Renee Gittins

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Today we’re happy to announce the official release our newest show on our Boxnation Podcast! Each episode of Boxnation Podcast brings you the latest trends, news, and inspiration from top guests and developers in the gaming industry. In an interview format, Boxnation hopes to entertain you while getting informed on what’s happening in the fascinating and ever-evolving world of games! 

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What a Publisher Looks for in Hyper Casual Games

By | Buildbox, Guest Post | One Comment

If you’re already making games in Buildbox, you may already be dreaming of reaching a massive global audience with your creations. You should be too, because it’s well within your grasp! Buildbox is a great tool we regularly recommend to those who want to create brilliant hyper casual mobile games, so if you’re already using it you’re on the right track – especially if you’re taking part in the latest Buildbox game jam! 

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Game Trends

Current Game Trends And How To Use Them

By | Game Dev Tips | One Comment

Do you know what the latest game trends in mobile are right now? If you want to succeed in the app business, staying up-to-date with the most current game trends is crucial. So, Today we’ll be discussing what’s hot right now in games, plus a few sure-fire tips to help you keep up with latest gaming trends all year round and …

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Free Game Music

How to Get Free Game Music & More

By | Game Dev Tips | One Comment

Do you want to learn how to get free game music, loops, samples, and more? It’s easier than you may think. There are hundreds of royalty-free music sites and game dev resources with free music loops and tunes that you can download for practically nothing. Adding a great soundtrack to your game doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find tons of free …

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