How to Turn Your Creativity Into a Business

By May 18, 2020Buildbox

Are you full of ideas? 

Buildbox is the ultimate tool to use to turn your creativity into a business. Our powerful no-code software enables anyone with an idea to make a polished game that they can publish on the app store for profit. You don’t need any prior coding, design, or technical skills to use Buildbox. It’s extremely easy to dive right in and start creating incredible 2D and 3D games for iOS, Android, and more. Plus, it’s free, which makes your start-up costs practically zero. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, and you can create successful games without ever writing a single line of code. With Buildbox, you can quickly build a game, add ads in, publish and grow all from the comfort of your home!

Ready to turn your creativity into a business? I’ll walk you through the whole process!

Getting Started with Buildbox: How to Build a Game

It’s a lot easier than you think to build a game especially with Buildbox! In the tutorial video below, you’ll learn how fast and easy it is to use one of our pre-built templates to make a game from start to finish in only a few minutes: 

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It couldn’t be easier. The space shooter template used in the video above is just one of the many cool templates available inside Buildbox. There’s also a built-in library with hundreds of smart assets with pre-set animations based on trending gameplay mechanics that you can use to build out levels in your game quickly. With our no-code game-changer, brainboxes, you’re able to drag-and-drop animation components with built-in logic to any character or object. Easily add actions to make a character jump or a vehicle drive. No skills needed. There’s even FBX support, so you can drag-and-drop any FBX file with a full 3D model and animations directly into the software to make interactive 3D games too.

With Buildbox, you’re not limited to only no-code options. You can also create your own advanced logic with our smart node system. Our multiple creation levels allow you to go from concept to core design in seconds. Buildbox is also an excellent tool for making hyper casual games. You can view some of the best practices for hyper casual game development and what publishers look for in hyper casual games right on our blog.

Generate Revenue on Auto-Pilot

Once you’ve built out your levels, adding ads into your game is also super simple. In Buildbox, there’s a plug-and-play ad integration feature that lets you easily integrate top SDKs, like AdMob or ironSource, to generate revenue on auto-pilot. You can add rewarded video ads, banners, and much more to boost your total app earnings. 

In the tutorials below, we show you the step-by-step process for integrating both AdMob and ironSource ads into your games

After you’ve integrated actual ads into your app you’re ready to export to the platform of your choice and publish. Buildbox only collects a 10% fee on any ad revenue generated from Buildbox Free users. With Buildbox Pro, there is no fee and you have the ability to add any of the top SDKs plus in-app purchases into your game for even higher earnings. 

Publish, Profit, & Grow! 

To promote your game, you can also use our free sister software, AppOnboard Studio! With AppOnboard Studio’s easy-to-use interface, anyone can create playable ads and instant apps in a matter of minutes. Just like Buildbox, no coding skills are required. Create playable ads and instant apps at scale to grow your app without writing a single line of code. Playable ads outperform other ad formats for higher engagement and conversion rates. Plus, with AppOnboard Studio, you can also share your creations on social, or with friends and colleagues directly. Easily export to Facebook, Google, Snapchat, ironSource, Vungle, AppLovin, and more.

Our official Buildbox guide and blog has tons of tips and in-depth how-to articles on the best practices for not only making but promoting your games too. Learn how to market like a Pro and boost your downloads and earnings pre and post launch. We have guides on almost everything from game design and how to set up your app store page to increasing downloads and building a fan base.

You can check out some of our must-reads below: 

We even have roundups on the best places to score free game art and free game sound effects and background music. To further help out in the game art department, we also release cool free asset packs just for our Buildbox users like our Free Sports 3D Asset Pack or exclusive London 3D Asset Pack frequently, so you never have to worry about finding game graphics. 

Buildbox isn’t just software either. We’re a growing community of no-code creators, gamers, and entrepreneurs. Our blog, forum, discord, and support channels are great resources to find inspiration, tips, and help when you need them. We also host regular game jams with major sponsors and cool prizes. If you’re interested in learning how to make games and grow your own successful game studio, join the Buildbox community. With our no-code and low-code game development engine, you can create 2D and 3D games easily, add ads into your app, publish, and grow! 

Ready to turn your creativity into a real business?

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  • Avatar Jade Wyatt says:

    It’s much simpler than you might suspect to construct a game particularly with Buildbox! In the instructional exercise video beneath, you’ll figure out how quick and simple it is to utilize one of our pre-fabricated layouts to make a game from beginning to end in just a couple of moments.
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  • Avatar Catch Fehst says:

    BuildBox is an end-to-end game development solution and best of all, no code is needed!

    • Avatar Вячеслав says:

      No code? LOOOL! Character in a predefined platformer game can’t even jump without of code editing because by default player may jump infinitely if he collides with walls