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Buildbox World Bit Roundup

Buildbox World Bit Roundup: Dude Surfer Color, Kubb Chess, Swing Dude and More

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

Are you ready for another bit roundup? Creators just like YOU from the Buildbox community have been adding a ton of fresh new bits to Buildbox World! All of them can be played for free right now in the Buildbox World app. This week, we’re highlighting some of our favorites that you should check out. We hope they inspire you to start building and sharing your own bits with the world! Buildbox World Bit Roundup …

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Buildbox World Bits Roundup: Jelly Fire, Obstacle Road, F.I.S.H. (furniture is safe here) and More!

By | Buildbox, Game Marketing

These must-play bits are just a tiny portion of what our no-code community has been putting out into the world, and we hope they inspire you to create and share your own bits too! In F.I.S.H. (Furniture is safe here), players must help a little fish named Nugget who’s outgrown his fishbowl. There’s a much bigger bowl awaiting on the other side of the room. Tap to jump off the furniture to make it safely to your …

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Bit Roundup Highlights

Buildbox World Bits Roundup: Zz Stickman Dungeon, Voxel Bot, Meow Meow, And More!

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

There are a lot of new bits that you can play in Buildbox World right now. Ready to discover some new bits? If you love dungeon crawlers, you’ll definitely want to check out Zz Stickman by Krovels. Players control a stickman hero as he explores a cryptic labyrinth on a mission to find rare coins and stars. There are also dangerous creatures lurking in the shadows that you have to watch out for, or it’s game over! Another bit in Buildbox …

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Buildbox World Bits Roundup: Tunnel Trek VO, Kawaii Shots, Gol Chapas, and More Now Available!

By | Game Showcase

Get ready to brave the unknown in Tunnel Trek VO by FaminBoatStudio. This fun space-themed shooter takes players on a wild ride through the docking station while it’s under siege. Guide your ship and dodge the enemy’s incoming missiles and fire to attack back! It’s a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled good time! Another must-play in our Buildbox World bits roundup is Kawaii Shots by Lemon and Limes Studio. This game is …

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