Buildbox World Bit Roundup: Dude Surfer Color, Kubb Chess, Swing Dude and More

By August 19, 2022Buildbox, Game Showcase
Buildbox World Bit Roundup

Are you ready for another bit roundup? Creators just like YOU from the Buildbox community have been adding a ton of fresh new bits to Buildbox World! All of them can be played for free right now in the Buildbox World app.

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This week, we’re highlighting some of our favorites that you should check out. We hope they inspire you to start building and sharing your own bits with the world!

Buildbox World Bit Roundup: This Week’s Highlights

Dude Surfer Color

Dude Surfer Color

The surf’s up has a new meaning in Dude Surfer Color! In this fun bit, players get to guide their 3D character as they attempt to surf across different colored blocks for a high score! Whatever you do, don’t wipeout!

Kubb Chess

Kubb Chess

The classic yard game Kubb goes 3D in this top bit called Kubb Chess. Players must knock down all the kubbs on the opposing side and the centered king kubb to win. It’s a lot of fun to play and challenging.

Swing Dude

Swing Dude

Swing Dude! is a crazy 3D runner game that is like an obstacle course but takes place in the air instead of on the ground. The rules are simple: Don’t fall into the water! Players have a rope that they can use by tapping and holding on the screen. Put your skills to the test and see how far you can go in Swing Dude!

Connected 3D

Connected 3D

Another super fun bit to play in Buildbox World is Connected 3D. Players guide a ball character through a dangerous course full of traps and bombs in this bit, connecting and collecting a chain of fellow ball buddies along the way.

Just search the game name for any of these cool bits in Buildbox World and play them today!

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We hope this roundup has inspired you to make your own Buildbox bits to share in Buildbox World!

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