Buildbox World Bit Roundup: Fido The Thief Man, X Boat, Dego and More

By October 30, 2023Buildbox, Game Showcase

Our incredible Buildbox community has made a lot of cool new Bits recently for the Buildbox World app, and you can play them all right now for FREE! If you haven’t taken the time to check out the new games in Buildbox World, there’s no better time than now!

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This week, we’ve handpicked some seriously cool games from one creator, Yuser from YB Games, who has been cranking out fantastic Bits one after another.

Buildbox World Bit Roundup: This Week’s Highlights from Creator Yuser from YB Games

Inverted Red or White 

In the game Inverted Red or White, players must navigate through a challenging maze filled with inverted red and white shapes. This game includes levels, an endless mode option, and adorable unlockable characters. However, don’t be fooled by the cuteness; this maze is far from easy!

Fido, The Thief Man 

Go on a thrilling adventure in Fido, The Thief Man. Help the skillful thief, Fido, navigate through the bustling city streets while being pursued by relentless cops. Dodge obstacles and hazards, all while collecting your precious stolen loot. 

X Boat

Similar to Fido, The Thief Man, in X Boat, players navigate a high-speed boat through treacherous waters while collecting coins. This exciting game offers challenging levels and an endless mode option. 

Wait or Jump

In Wait or Jump, players must help their emoji lovers reunite. Navigate your emoji through the maze by making the right moves, avoiding floating spike platforms and enemies. This fun Bit offers a range of unlockable characters and challenging levels.


Dego is a fun platformer where you get to control a purple bouncing bowling ball, collecting coins and avoiding dangerous spikes. Just be careful, one wrong bounce and it’s game over!

You can search for any of these amazing Bits mentioned in this roundup on Buildbox World to start playing them now!

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