Buildbox World Bits Roundup: Zz Stickman Dungeon, Voxel Bot, Meow Meow, And More!

By February 18, 2022Buildbox, Game Showcase
Bit Roundup Highlights

Did you know playing games in Buildbox World is a great way to get inspired and improve your game design skills?

The more games you play, the better you’ll become at making them!

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There are a lot of new bits that you can play in Buildbox World right now. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bits of the week to check out below:

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Buildbox World Bit Roundup: This Week’s Best Bits

Zz Stickman Dungeon by Krovels 

If you love dungeon crawlers, you’ll definitely want to check out Zz Stickman by Krovels. Players control a stickman hero as he explores a cryptic labyrinth on a mission to find rare coins and stars. There are also dangerous creatures lurking in the shadows that you have to watch out for, or it’s game over!

Voxel Bot by Vlad N

Another bit in Buildbox World worth playing is Voxel Bot by Vlad N. This unique game transforms a road into a puzzle that players must solve. Get ready for an equally fun challenge as you tap to twist and turn sections of the road to help your little voxel vehicle find its way!

Death Bus by Lemon And Lime Studios

Do you have what it takes to be a bus tour guide driver? In Death Bus by Lemon and Lime Studios, you’ll find out as you guide a costly tour bus through treacherous terrain. The bus will topple if you don’t drive cautiously. Collecting tips along the way, you get to give your customers the ride of their lives — literally!

Zombie Smash by Phankimtu

Tap to smash the invading zombies and save the day in Zombie Smash by Phankimtu. If too many zombies get past you, it’s game over. This bit is the ultimate time-killer with 15 challenging levels full of smashing mayhem and creepy sound effects. If you love horror-themed games, it’s definitely worth playing.

Meow Meow by Phankimtu

Meow Meow, also by Phankimtu, is also on this week’s Buildbox World bit roundup list. You play as an adorable, fish-loving feline as you navigate across a beautiful park, dodging dogs and other obstacles. 

With its directional swipe controls, Meow Meow is not only entertaining, but it is also a challenge. You’ll run into an enemy or barrier if you swipe too early or too late. Then it’s game over!

Color Swatch Game by Tomato Owl Studios

Color Swatch Game by Tomato Owl Studios is a fun puzzle game where you must align the colors in the swatch’s sequence to complete each level. Combine red with yellow to create orange or yellow with blue to create green. With just so many moves in each swatch, you’ll have to think carefully about your combinations. It’s a fun bit to play for anyone who enjoys painting or puzzles.

We hope you’ve been inspired to start creating your own Buildbox creations and sharing them with the world!

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