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How Michael Garcia Created A Hit Game in Only 3 Weeks

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Running Monsters by Michael Garcia skyrocketed up the charts in the US ranking #38 in action games and was featured globally around the world. This simple yet addicting endless runner was also ranked Top 100 in 11 other countries. In the game, players become a werewolf on a rampage, running through a forest chasing villagers and eating them for a high score. It’s an insanely fun game and a real adrenaline rush …

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Buildbox Game Spotlight: HopBound

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This week’s game spotlight is HopBound by Darius Immanuel Guerrero of AppSir Games. This psychological 16-bit horror platformer built using Buildbox and no-code has been featured worldwide. HopBound has also been ranked Top 100 in 12 different countries and ranked first on the ‘New Games We Love’ section of the app store. This follow-up to Dere Evil .Exe is currently crushing it in the charts! There …

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Buildbox Game Jam Winners

November Buildbox Game Jam Winners

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Our second official #NoCode Buildbox Game Jam was a big success! Thanks so much to everyone who participated. And don’t worry if you missed this round, we’ll be announcing our next game jam very soon. So stay tuned for that! The games submitted were incredible. Both our Buildbox and AppOnboard team were amazed by what you all were able to create in a short period using …

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Buildbox Game Spotlight: Vestigium

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This week’s game spotlight is Vestigium by Tepes Ovidiu from Crevasse Studios. Vestigium was made just over the course of a few months using Buildbox software and no-code! Vestigium comes from Latin, and it means footstep, vestige, or trail. It’s the perfect name for this visually mesmerizing puzzle game. “I wanted to create a …

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Buildbox Game Spotlight: Stevedore

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This week’s game spotlight is Michael Garvey’s Stevedore. It’s a physics-based stacking game with a monochrome art style that’s really cool. Stevedore is Garvey’s first Buildbox game, and it’s already done well on the charts by getting featured in the arcade category in App Stores in countries like …

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