Buildbox Game Spotlight: Crypto Crossword

By August 12, 2022Buildbox, Game Showcase
Crypto Crossword

This week’s game spotlight pick is Crypto Crossword by The Game App Studio. Built with Buildbox, this crossword puzzle game is the ultimate brain teaser! Players get to solve 70+ cryptic puzzles to put their vocabulary to the test.

The game has also been featured in the Top 100 Word Games category on app store charts in six countries. 

So let’s take a closer look at The Game App Studio’s Crypto Crossword!

Crypto Crossword: Your Next Crossword Puzzle Addiction 

Crypto Crossword is a fun word game that tests your knowledge while increasing your vocabulary. Like most crossword puzzles, it combines strategy with wordplay. The goal of the game is to guess the right words to fill in the 5×5 grid. You’re given various cryptic clues to help you along the way. Every row in the grid is related to a different word based on your given clues. The challenge is to guess the right word for each vertical and horizontal row. There’s a time limit on each guess. If you run out of time, you lose.

Luckily, there’s a lightbulb icon that you can tap for help if you get stuck. The more you play, the more challenging the puzzles get. Crypto Crossword is definitely the ultimate brain teaser. Your vocabulary will be tested in a fun and entertaining way. Despite the time limit, the game is quite relaxing, and you can play whether you’re offline or online. 

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn gems. Once you’ve collected 100 gems, you can unlock larger 9×9 grid crossword puzzles with even more challenging words. 

There are a total of 70+ cryptic crossword puzzles for you to play. If you’re looking for a puzzle game that will challenge your vocabulary and your brain, Crypto Crossword is the game for you. It’s a word game lover’s dream come true.

Crypto Crossword is now available for download on iOS and Google Play.

Congratulations to Govind Narayan’s The Game App Studio on the success of Crypto Crossword! You can visit their Instagram, Twitter, or website to learn more about their games. We hope you’ve been inspired to get started building your own game in Buildbox. 

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