Buildbox Developers Dominate the App Store with Game of the Day Features for 3 Weeks in a Row!

By October 17, 2023Buildbox, Game Showcase

We have achieved another major milestone! For three weeks in a row a new Buildbox game has been featured as the Game of the Day on the App Store! 

As a game developer or studio, it is a great honor to have your game awarded the coveted “Game of the Day” title. The app store is filled with countless games, and seeing titles created with Buildbox being acknowledged as some of the best and coolest ones to play is so amazing!

The most recent featured game is Multi Impact Smash by Dmitrii Kolesnikov. Although he’s been creating apps for over 16 years, Multi Impact Smash is his first mobile game. He used Buildbox 3 to create it, and guess what? It was featured as the Game of the Day! A great example of what’s possible with our no-code AI software. 

Pizza Hero by Astrohound Studios and IndyMSoftware as well as Last Pocket by Vikas Pawar were also selected as Game of the Day features on the app store over the past few weeks. Games made with Buildbox are absolutely killing it in the app store and achieving huge success! These games are taking over and dominating the platform. If you haven’t yet, we recommend you check them all out. You’re sure to be inspired!  

Buildbox Developers Endless Possibilities

With Buildbox, turning your ideas into playable games is incredibly easy. You don’t need any prior coding, design, or artistic skills to get started. Buildbox’s advanced no-code and low-code features combined with powerful AI technology makes the game development process simple. Anyone can make a game using it whether you’re a beginner or have dozens of previous games under your belt. Your only limitation is your imagination. That is why our Buildbox users have been able to keep making hit after hit. 

And the best part?

Buildbox Revenue Share

When developers use Buildbox to make games, they keep 100% of their App Store or Google Play revenue. Also, any money made from in-app purchases or custom ad networks that are built into your games goes straight to you. With this exciting new revenue share model, developers now have an amazing opportunity to create and monetize their games using Buildbox, all while having total control over their earnings.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and start making money doing what you love? Don’t wait any longer! Get started making the next hit game today!

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