Buildbox Game Spotlight: Snake Rescue

Snake Rescue

Every week, we show off a new game made with Buildbox by a member of our no-code community. Our “spotlight” choices are independent mobile games that we feel are particularly noteworthy due to their innovative concepts, mechanics, or themes.

This week’s game spotlight is Tomato Owl’s Snake Rescue! It’s a hidden object game with slithering snakes. Can you catch them all? 

Snake Rescue – Save the Adorable Critters 

In Snake Rescue, players get to step into the role of a conservationist with a pet snake on a mission to help other endangered snakes get safely back into the wild. Much like the classic, ‘Where’s Waldo?’ you must scan the wooded campsite to find hidden snakes. Just tap to catch and release them safely to a new home. 

Each level requires you to catch a specific number and species of snake. As you progress in the game, the amount of snakes and types dramatically increases. It’s a fun challenge. You have to look hard. Sometimes just the head or a tiny bit of the snake’s tail can be visible from under a rock or bush. 

Also hidden in the park are treasure chests with gold coins. You can use the coins you collect to unlock cool items for your 3D pet snake. 

The shop includes unlockable skins to customize your pet, trendy scarves, capes, shirts, hats, sunglasses, and even adorable bunny ear headbands are available. 

The colorful graphics and 3D animated pet snake that players get to care for make Snake Rescue the type of hidden object game that you’ll find yourself obsessed with playing. 

If you’re up for a challenge and love puzzlers, you’ll definitely want to check out Snake Rescue! 

 Watch the trailer below! 

Snake Rescue is available for download today on Google Play

Congratulations to Tomato Owl and founder Fathima Raseed on the release of Snake Rescue. She’s a 3D artist and game designer making cool hyper casual games like Sugary Delight, Tulip Express, Art Heist, and the Color Swatch. We really hope this spotlight has inspired you! You can learn more about her artwork and upcoming games on Instagram and Twitter

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