Buildbox Game Spotlight: Last Pocket

By August 11, 2023Buildbox, Game Showcase
Last Pocket

It’s time to shine the spotlight on another incredible mobile game built with Buildbox from our talented community of no-code creators. This week’s pick is Last Pocket by Vikas Pawar. If you love playing pool or enjoy the thrill of solving challenging puzzles, this new game is a must-try. Last Pocket combines the best aspects of pool with the excitement of a strategic maze, offering players the ultimate challenge. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Last Pocket by Vikas Pawar!

Last Pocket – The Roll to Victory 

The objective in Last Pocket is straightforward: shoot your ball into the pocket. With a cue stick and only one shot, you’ll need to strategically reposition the wooden planks to guide the ball into the pocket and clear the level. If you miss, it’s game over. 

Every level in Last Pocket presents players with a unique challenge and twist. As you progress, you will encounter rotating gears and metal tubes that you need to navigate in order to roll your ball to victory. There are also additional balls and teleportation holes that can either assist you or lead you astray. Strategy is crucial in this game.

For pool enthusiasts who crave a good challenge, Last Pocket is a must-have in your game collection. Grab your cue, aim precisely, and roll your way to victory!

Last Pocket is available for download on iOS and Google Play today! 

Congratulations to Vikas Pawar on the release of Last Pocket! You can learn more about their games right hereWe hope you’ve been inspired to get started building your own game in Buildbox. 

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Dream big and keep on developing! 

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