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Best Practices for Implementing Ads in Your Mobile Game

By | Buildbox, Game Dev Tips

Do you have a monetization strategy in place for your upcoming game? If not, you’ll definitely want to keep reading! This guide will show you how to use mobile game ads as part of your monetization strategy. You’ll learn some of the best practices for using mobile ads, and we’ll even show you how to add ads to your game with Adbox! So, let’s dive right in! There are many ways you can monetize (earn …

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Rewarded Video Ad Tutorial

New Buildbox Rewarded Video Tutorial

By | Buildbox

We’ve just released a brand NEW video tutorial on how to add a rewarded video node into your Buildbox game and test it on your device using Android Studio! This new tutorial actually uses our interactive tutorial inside of Buildbox 3 as an example. So, you can easily follow along step by step by simply completing the interactive tutorial in Buildbox and saving it as a new bbdoc. This video picks up exactly …

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Marketability Testing 101

By | Game Marketing, Guest Post

For mobile game developers, marketability is the most important test of a new game concept. The goal is to determine whether or not the market is interested in your product before you invest in full development and global launch. With the app stores highly saturated, among a sea of competition, it is crucial for developers to not only make a good game but to make a marketable game. It is this – marketability …

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