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Buildbox Discord

Join the official Buildbox Discord Community

By | Buildbox

Did you know we have an official Buildbox Discord Community with over 10,000+ members? If you have any questions regarding Buildbox, game development, or design, our official Buildbox Discord server is a great place to go. We have support staff and friendly moderators on hand to help. There is also an active community of fellow no-code creators just like you, sharing advice and inspiration. You can join our …

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We Are Betting on Our Creators — Big News from Buildbox CEO Jonathan Zweig

By | Buildbox

From this day forward, we are rededicating Buildbox to our community. You all, the Buildbox creators, deserve the best tools in the world to bring your video game ideas to life, and we hope you’ve noticed how hard we’ve been working on the tools you use every day.  As of this letter, 1,034,386 of you have signed up for our platform.  That’s a lot of creators and growing rapidly by the day!  Our lean and dedicated …

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Pocket Gamer Awards Buildbox Community

Buildbox Community News: Pocket Gamer Awards 2021 And More

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

Our Buildbox community of no-code game creators has dominated the charts and mobile game industry yet again. Not one but three different Pocket Gamer Awards for 2021 have nominees from our very own Buildbox community. It’s fantastic to see our creators, aka ‘Boxers,’ get recognized by the mobile game industry. The Pocket Gamer Awards is a yearly celebration of the latest and greatest in gaming across 27 mobile gaming categories. With an open voting system and mobile games from major studios …

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Celebrating Black History Month

By | Buildbox

Black History Month is a time in the year where the nation recognizes the contributions that Black people and culture have made throughout history. It’s a time to celebrate those in the Black community that have paved the way with their amazing achievements to show younger generations that they too can make their mark on history. Historically speaking, the tech and gaming space has struggled …

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London Buildbox Meetup

Join Us for Our Second London Buildbox Meetup

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We want to invite everyone to come out and join us again for our second official Buildbox Meetup in London! This free event is the perfect time for members in our no-code community to connect, talk all things game dev, and meet the team. Our very own Trey Smith, Zack Griset, and Sean Connor will be attending. You’ll get to …

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The Buildbox Free Saga: Who is NoCode?

By | Buildbox | 5 Comments

Game development isn’t just for coders and designers anymore. There are over 500,000 Buildbox members worldwide who’ve joined our no-code game development community and growing. In honor of our upcoming release of Buildbox Free, we reached out to the members of our community to share their unique game development stories.  Watch the video below to hear why they …

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