Come Hang Out With The Buildbox Community On Discord

By October 25, 2022Buildbox, Game Dev Tips
Buildbox Discord Community

Have you joined the community?

The Buildbox Discord Community is one of the best ways to learn about Buildbox, ask questions, and connect with other creators.

There are over 11,000 members and best of all it’s free!

Join Our Discord Community!

For those unfamiliar with Discord, gamers and communities use it to text and chat for free. You can use it on your PC or mobile device to stay connected to your favorite groups and discussions.  

Each Discord server has its own community and channels. Like a forum thread, a channel will focus on a specific topic. Discord allows you to text in real-time with gifs and emoticons, as well as transmit audio and video communications – making it a step up from traditional forums.

Our Buildbox Discord Server

Buildbox Discord

By joining our Buildbox Discord server, you can stay in touch with other users and get great ideas and tips that will help you with your game development.

Plus, we have a lot of channels dedicated to different topics. There are channels like #buildbox-showcase, where you can see what other creators are building and get inspired, or #work-in-progress, where you can share what you’re working on and get valuable feedback.

In #community-chatroom, you can discuss whatever is on your mind, while in the help desk channels, you can find more focused discussions on the software and the game design process. If you’re ever feeling lost or need some help with your game, you can ask questions and get answers from our team or other Buildbox users – it’s like having your own personal support line. 

You can also find awesome user-generated content like tutorial videos, custom nodes, and templates that can help you with your game development. 

Our team often shares new announcements and updates in the #official-announcements channel to help you stay up to date on the latest Buildbox news as well. 

So, be sure to come to hang out with the community!

Select the “Community” tab at the top of the page. Then, choose “Buildbox Discord” from the list that appears or click on the button below. You’ll be sent straight to the sign-in screen.

Come hang out with the community!

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