We Are Betting on Our Creators — Big News from Buildbox CEO Jonathan Zweig

By May 18, 2021Buildbox

Dear Buildbox Community,

From this day forward, we are rededicating Buildbox to our community.

You all, the Buildbox creators, deserve the best tools in the world to bring your video game ideas to life, and we hope you’ve noticed how hard we’ve been working on the tools you use every day.  As of this letter, 1,034,386 of you have signed up for our platform.  That’s a lot of creators and growing rapidly by the day!  Our lean and dedicated team has released FBX support, offline mode, expanded the Asset and Template Library, and more.

You have followed suit, using Buildbox to create hits that have gone to the very top of the Apple App Store and Google Play, taking your place alongside the likes of Roblox and other hit games.

Simply put, we want everyone in the world to be able to express themselves through video games.

As part of our deep commitment to that vision, you can now use Buildbox for free to get your game on the App Store, Google Play, or Desktop! 

Our new pricing tiers ensure that Buildbox can serve our creators decades from now. 

We plan to take what we earn from these changes and reinvest it straight back into the Buildbox products and you, the community.  Along with these changes, we’ll also be introducing a new Ad Monetization solution, which will include Ad revenue-sharing proportionate to the type of subscription you have. This new feature will allow any creator to generate Ad revenue solely through Buildbox! 

If you’re a customer of our Plus plan, you will get easy Ad monetization integration, in-app purchase features, and  keep 70% of all revenue share. If you’re on our Pro plan, you’ll get even more and 90% of all revenue! If you’re using Buildbox for free, you will now be able to export to mobile and earn revenue through our new Ad Monetization solution. You’ll also be able to add unlimited worlds and scenes to your games.  

As part of these changes, we have a special gift for the community: Get Buildbox Classic for FREE!

Download Buildbox Classic

Buildbox Classic is our updated version of our original drag and drop 2D game maker, Buildbox 2. It allows you to rapidly build and prototype 2D games, whether using pre-built templates or starting from scratch! No coding or design skills are needed.  

You can take a sneak peek at some of the new features and plan changes here. We have also updated our EULA and Terms of Service to reflect these changes. 

We will be sharing more around the Ad Monetization solution and corresponding Ad revenue share in the coming weeks as we get closer to launch. Stay tuned!  

Talk soon,
Jonathan Zweig

Jonathan Zweig

About Jonathan Zweig

Jonathan Zweig is CEO of Buildbox & AppOnboard. Creator of 14 of the first 100 iOS games on the Apple App Store in 2008, Jonathan was also Founding CEO and President of Inc 500 AdColony.