Sending Your Games to Publishers

One of the best ways to get your game in front of as many eyes as possible, is to get a publishing deal. A great example of this, is David Reichelt’s Color Switch. It was published by Fortafy Games and has amassed 100 million downloads in the past 8 months.

Creating a quality game like David accomplished with Color Switch and having a good publisher can really catapult you to success.

Sending Your Games to Publishers

There are a lot of amazing publishers out there, like Ketchapp, Bulkypix, Appsolute, Umbrella Games, and Nanovation to name a few, that can help publish your games and get them seen.

However, the #1 mistake that developers often make when sending their games to publishers, is sending them when they’re not ready.

Below is video from CEO & Founder of Buildbox, Trey Smith, discussing how to get a publishing deal and the top three tips to follow when you’re submitting your games to publishers:





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  • Avatar rakhshindha says:

    how can i make game

  • Avatar Henri says:

    Hello Trey,
    Instead of submitting to publishers, why not create the BB software to publish yourself?

  • Avatar Isaac says:

    You are saying you need to create a better game than the last submitted game by the publisher alright cool but what if the last submitted game is very difficult and buildbox 2 don’t have all those great feature how can we create better than?

  • Avatar Hazziq says:

    Great Content,
    You have explained the importance of a Publisher.
    But the main Question is how you contact these Publishers or how you reach out to them. Is through the email in the contact menu.
    Can you please explain to me how you reach out to these publishers like how you can submit you game to them.
    Kind Regards.

    • Avatar Trey Smith says:

      Different publishers have different ways to handle this, so you should always follow their directions. Typically, it’s emailing screenshots and a video of your game so they can quickly get a feel for what you’ve created.