Buildbox Game Spotlight: Railway Canyon

This week’s game spotlight is Railway Canyon by Tepes Ovidiu’s Crevasse Studios. It’s a relaxing 3D puzzler that won the ‘Most Visual Impact’ category in our recent hyper-casual game jam sponsored by Kwalee. Railway Canyon also was featured in the ‘New Games We Love’ section of the app store and ranked Top 100 in 42 different countries. This unique 3D puzzler has been featured globally in the arcade puzzle category, including countries like China, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia, and Spain. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Tepes Ovidiu’s Railway Canyon!

Get Ready to Cross the Wild West in Railway Canyon 

In Railway Canyon, outlaws are attempting to hijack a train to steal all of its precious cargo. It’s up to players to help the locomotive escape the robbers by assembling the scattered broken railroad tracks. Each track is like a piece in a 3D jigsaw puzzle that you have to solve. Players must tap to turn and snap the tracks back together. Once assembled, the steam train can move onward to the next route. Like Ovidiu’s other puzzles like ½ Halfway, Vestigium, and Cessabit, this game has a relaxing vibe. There’s no set time limit for solving each zone either. You can play at your own pace. It’s a fun, unique twist on a puzzler. 

The 3D artwork and animations in Railway Canyon are also amazing! The 32 levels in the game transport you into a new frontier. From the carved canyons, wagons, and detailed western towns to the steam that bursts from the moving locomotive, it feels like you’re really on a quest in the Old West. The themed music is also a nice touch. For sticker lovers, this game also features a sticker pack that players can use in iMessage to represent their inner cowboy or cowgirl. 

If you enjoy puzzle games and feel like taking an adventure across the Wild West, you’ll love playing Railway Canyon!

Railway Canyon 

Railway Canyon is now available on iOS!

Congratulations to Ovidiu Tepes, Carina Chen, and Crevasse Studios on the success! It’s truly incredible what’s possible with Buildbox. Railway Canyon was a simple game jam entry and has now been featured worldwide in app stores and ranked in the Top 100. You can watch Ovidiu Tepes creating the game inside of Buildbox in this cool level design timelapse video below:

We hope this spotlight has inspired you to start working on your next game or jam entry. 

Will Your Game Be Next?

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Dream big, and keep on developing! 

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