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By September 24, 2019Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Vestigium by Tepes Ovidiu from Crevasse Studios. Vestigium was made just over the course of a few months using Buildbox software and no-code! Vestigium comes from Latin, and it means footstep, vestige, or trail. It’s the perfect name for this visually mesmerizing puzzle game. 

“I wanted to create a puzzle game that will test player’s visual memory and logic, all wrapped in a beautiful relaxing environment, and thanks to Buildbox, I was able to create this without writing a line of code,” said Tepes Ovidiu. 

Vestigium – A Journey For Reclaiming Home 

Similar to his previous hit Cessabit which topped the charts, Vestigium transports players into an engaging, interactive world. However, the plot thickens as players are bestowed the task of guiding Qirie and her wisp on an epic search for magical lotus flowers to save her home and garden from a dangerous poison. These mystical flowers have the power to cleanse evil and restore peace to her corrupted home. 

Unfortunately, along her journey, she discovers that locating these magical blossoms are not going to be easy. Players have to help Qirie solve intricate puzzles, memorize paths, and play all her cards right to salvage her home. 

There are 48 challenging levels that players must solve their way through as they explore. In the game, you have to pay close attention and select the cards with the right number of steps to find your way. It’s a great visual memory game. Plus, the graphics in Vestigium are absolutely stunning too. You’ll find yourself hiking with Qirie across the snow lands, grasslands, islands, and desert. Each world with a new set of puzzles to tackle. It’s both challenging and fun. 

If you enjoy playing relaxing puzzle games and like Cessabit, than you’ll love playing Vestigium! 

Below is a little clip of the magic: 

Vestigium is available for download on iOS today! 

Congratulations to Tepes Ovidiu and Crevasse Studios on the release of Vestigium! We’re sure it’s going to be a big success! Vestigium was built using Buildbox 2 and it’s an incredible example of what’s possible with no-code. 

Crevasse Studios

Crevasse Studios is an indie game studio based in Transylvania, Romania founded in 2017 by Tepes Ovidiu. However, it’s much more than a game studio. This artist and graphic designer creates not only successful games but also game assets and resources to help other developers. You can learn more about Ovidiu in our exclusive interview right here

We hope it’s inspired you to start working on your game today! 

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