Buildbox Game Spotlight: 1/2 Halfway

This week’s game spotlight is Tepes Ovidiu’s ½ Halfway. It’s a gentle puzzler about reunion fitting for today’s time. Built with Buildbox and no-code, ½ Halfway is currently featured in the ‘New Games We Love’ section of the app store and ranked #19 puzzle game in the US. 🙌 It’s also been featured in both puzzle and strategy categories around the world, including countries like Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Canada, Australia, and more. This monochromatic game is dominating the charts this week.

So, let’s take a closer look at Tepes Ovidiu’s ½ Halfway!

½ Halfway – A Soothing Puzzle About Reuniting 

In ½ Halfway, players are transported into a dark, desolate world in dire need of light. The game was created by Tepes Ovidiu while self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to our current situation, in the game, although things appear bleak, there is hope. To restore back peace and harmony to the world, players must guide two celestial stars to connect at the halfway point of each puzzle. There are different marked squares scattered throughout each scene that can help re-direct your stars movement, block, unlock, or even teleport them. If you happen to collide a star into the wrong box, before meeting halfway, it’s game over. 

The game’s levels are broken up into four chapters that become more challenging as you progress. From its sleek minimalist art style to fluid swipe controls, this game takes you on a relaxing journey to restoration. ½ Halfway is a unique puzzler with an uplifting undertone, that everyone should play apart together. 

If you enjoy a good puzzler and want a relaxing game that’s also challenging to play, definitely check out ½ Halfway. 

Let your light be your guide! 

You can download ½ Halfway on iOS today!

Congratulations to Tepes Ovidiu and Crevasse Studios on the success! 

Crevasse Studios

Crevasse Studios is an indie game studio based in Transylvania, Romania founded in 2017 by Tepes Ovidiu. However, it’s much more than a game studio. This artist and graphic designer creates not only successful games but also game assets and resources to help other developers. You can learn more about Ovidiu in our exclusive interview right here

We hope it’s inspired you to start working on your game today! 

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