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Neo Lights

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Neo Lights

By | Buildbox, Game Showcase

Each week we highlight a different game built with Buildbox. Our ‘spotlight’ picks are games that have done well on the charts or are new indie releases that feature a cool theme or gameplay concept. This week’s spotlight is Andre Spears’ Neo Lights. It features a cool minimalist art style and fun gameplay with color changing boxes. Let’s take a closer look at …

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Stevo Mad Run

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Stevo’s Mad Run

By | Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is DreamRandom’s Stevo’s Mad Run. This trending action arcade game was based on a popular London social influencer named Stevo the Madman. It’s been skyrocketing on the UK charts, ranking #1 in the arcade games section and peaking at #2 in all apps right behind the hit …

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Buildbox Game Spotlight: Endless Invaders

By | Buildbox, Buildbox Notes, Game Showcase

This week’s game spotlight is Endless Invaders by Adam Rogan. Endless Invaders has been featured in the ‘Best New Games We Love’ section and in multiple collection lists in countries around the globe. The game has also been featured in the arcade category in the UK, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and several other countries. This hit arcade game was …

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Phases officially greenlit by Steam

By | Game Showcase, Showcase Games

We’re very excited to announce that Phases, the first game we’ve created with Buildbox, is officially greenlit on Steam!  When we submitted this game we were hoping for the best, but never thought we would get ranked to the number one position out of the 2,043 games submitted to Greenlight. Thanks everyone for …

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