Phases officially greenlit by Steam

By September 24, 2014Game Showcase, Showcase Games

We’re very excited to announce that Phases, the first game we’ve created with Buildbox, is officially greenlit on Steam!  When we submitted this game we were hoping for the best, but never thought we would get ranked to the number one position out of the 2,043 games submitted to Greenlight.

Thanks everyone for your support, it means a lot. I created every aspect of this game from the music to the level design.  We can’t wait to get the game live on Mac and PC.


Trey Smith

About Trey Smith

Trey Smith is founder at and also owns a mobile game company with more than 55,000,000 downloads. 8 Games from his company have broken the Top 30 of the App Store including The Line Zen, Phases, Jump Pack and Monster Magic. Follow for updates on Facebook or Twitter.