The Buildbox Showcase

A few of our favorites.

Below you’ll find a few of our favorite games made with Buildbox.  You’ll see everything from #1 puzzle games to platformers.  If you want to see some of Apple’s favorite Buildbox games, and also games that have broken the Top 100, then make sure to check out our All-Star section as well.


deep blue icon

Deep Blue Dump

Swipey Rider

Endless Space

TinyPix Warriors 4

TinyPix Warriors

Bounce of the Dead

The Gravity Run

Drone Escape

Drone Escape Legacy


Ufo and planets

Ufo and Planets

Candy Craze icon

Candy Craze!

Monster go icon

Monster Go Round

Neo Lights

pivot pot icon

Pivot Pop

60 seconds icon

60 Second Escape

last runner icon

The Last Runner: Run fast and Jump high

Plank – The Jump Master

Into The Hole

Sw!pe Ball

The Last Runner

Line Climber

Gravity Rush

Stack Smash

Flappy Revolution: Edgy Bird

drop in next icon

Drop In Next

Pixel Pounce

Fatal Flap

Brick Buster