About the Game

Why did the ball fly into space?

Upventure is a beautiful fast paced game with colorful levels and cute characters.

How to play?
• Tap play icon to start.
• Slide horizontally (left-right) anywhere on the screen.
• Avoid the cube obstacles.
• Collect gems, if you can.

• One-finger control lets you play easily with one hand.
• Unique gameplay: Collectible gems behind obstacles.
• Starts off easy, gets challenging fast. Addicting gameplay.
• Zen-like music with sound effects, recorded with real instruments.
• Unlock famous and cute characters.

• Use the area below the ball to see the upcoming obstacles.
• The ball moves right or left on a line, it doesn’t follow your finger up and down.
• Resist the urge to push the character up as you go faster!

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