About the Game

A City Drive – Drive with busted brakes! Drive Recklessly!
Driving in the city is the most toughest task.With highly populated areas, crowded population and heavy traffic driving in cities becomes worst nightmare. A City Drive is an adventurous game and is a torn chapter from every day’s life of the people who get stuck up in traffic due to high population.
Experience the life in road with a vehicle that faces unpredicted obstacles like vehicle overtaking, unpredicted pedestrians crossing, busted brakes, speeding along with reckless driving on a city drive which ultimately leads to accidents.
Your Task is simple control the vehicles with busted brake and reckless driver with unpredicted experience and survive you life during a city drive.

How to play ?

Its a tap based controls
Tap left side of device to switch lane and right side to increase speed for a second.


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