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Are you a game creator considering going the publishing route? 

One of our long-time Buildbox game creators, Phil Lloyd, recently partnered with Kwalee to work on his upcoming game. Lloyd has been using our software for years, making games like Paint!, Hoop Glide, Swipe Stack!, Castle Force, and Collider! Kwalee noticed his games on the App Store, reached out to him, and now they are working closely on his new game.

So, we were honored to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lloyd about his game development journey and experience publishing with Kwalee. Please can you share a little bit about your background and how you got started making games?

Phil Lloyd: I first started having the creative urge to make games around six years ago, but being from a relatively non-coding background meant I struggled to find ways to design and build the games I envisioned. I’ve always loved playing mobile games and always had a desire to create my own. What led you to Buildbox? How long have you been using the platform?

Phil Lloyd: In the early days, I struggled to find an easy to use and elegant solution to designing and building mobile games. I was not a proficient coder but had a strong knowledge of design and the ideation process. I stumbled across Buildbox 2 just over five years ago and have been using Buildbox ever since. It’s extremely powerful and at the same time easy to use. Without giving away too much, could you tell us about your latest game and what inspired you to create it?

Phil Lloyd: I believe the key to creating a hit game is ideation. I draw ideas from many different places, and my latest game reflects this—a combination of two popular game mechanics to form a current and new game. How did using Buildbox help you during the game development and design process?

Phil Lloyd: Buildbox results in fast prototyping. In the highly-competitive and overly saturated mobile games market of today, speed is key. Buildbox allows me to fail fast. With this, I can have an idea, and within a matter of hours, have a working prototype in Buildbox. I have gone from an idea in my head to submitting a game for testing with Kwalee within a week. Buildbox is unmatched in its capability to allow you to create games within an extremely short space of time. How did you first get involved with Kwalee?

Phil Lloyd: I first got involved with Kwalee when a member of the team reached out to me regarding one of my prototypes that they had seen on the App Store and wanted to ask about the potential to test the game. What has your experience been like working closely with the Kwalee team to develop your upcoming game?

Phil Lloyd: Kwalee has been fantastic to work with. They provide support in every aspect of the game development process, from ideation to art direction. With each prototype I test with them, I produce a better game. 

They have a team with a deep understanding of the industry and allow you to use this knowledge to improve your games and development process. I know my games stand a far better chance of succeeding with Kwalee behind them. How regularly have you been in contact with Kwalee since submitting your game?

Phil Lloyd: I’m in contact on a near-daily basis. What advice or tips do you have for anyone interested in making games and working with a publisher?

Phil Lloyd: Be different. The current mobile games market is highly competitive, with thousands of games arriving on the App Stores each week. The only way to stand out is to create games that are different from the rest. Don’t follow the trends. Start them. What’s the most useful piece of advice you’ve got from talking to Kwalee?

Phil Lloyd: Fail fast, and learn. What are the biggest improvements you’ve made to your game during this process?

Phil Lloyd: Core gameplay. With each game I test with Kwalee, I improve that core gameplay loop that is the key to a successful game. It’s what draws players in on the initial Ad Videos improving CPI, and keeps them playing to improve retention. If you can create an addictive core gameplay loop, you’re onto a winner. How rewarding has it been to work with a successful publisher to develop your Buildbox game?

Phil Lloyd: Very rewarding; I have learned so much that going it alone I would never have. I have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can help improve my games and give them the best chance of success.

Kwalee knows what makes a hit; they’ve had so many! They share this knowledge with you to ensure you spend the time on games that have a chance of working and move on from the ones that don’t. Would you want to work with a publisher like Kwalee again for your next games?

Phil Lloyd: Absolutely, I’d be a fool not to! That’s awesome! Glad to hear that. Thanks so much for chatting with us. 

You can learn more about Phil Lloyd and his games right here. Also, stay tuned for our next game jam announcement coming soon! 

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