Teaming up to invest in the success of the Buildbox community.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Hyper Casual Game Jam Sponsored by Kwalee.

Teaming up to invest in the success of the Buildbox community.

Our Partnership

We’re excited to announce that we are joining forces with Kwalee to help the Buildbox community to build and launch successful games. This new exclusive partnership will give Buildbox users the opportunity to land lucrative publishing deals and gain expert game advice to help lead them towards mobile gaming success. With our powerful no-code game maker and now access to Kwalee’s years of experience in all the different aspects of publishing from UA to monetization, developers will have an advantage that has never been available before. It’s an ‘all-in-one’ route to success that we’re thrilled to be able to offer to our entire community.

Kwalee’s Commitment to Success

World-class User Acquisition & Marketing

Our UA & Marketing team has vast experience in launching games to a global audience, having led multiple titles to millions of downloads and the top of the charts!

Monetization Expertise

We provide full monetization support from our dedicated revenue team. Our mission is to help you create a game that players love, and will earn for you and your team.

Development Smarts

We’ll provide a priceless perspective on your games, from a team that includes seasoned hyper-casual experts, the creator of Micro Machines and the co-founder of Codemasters!

Platform Agnostic

We accept submissions across both major mobile platforms, be it Android or iOS. Feel free to send us your APKs and games on the Google Play store, as well as those on the iOS App Store!

Submit Your Game!

Kwalee + Buildbox Partnership FAQ

What does this mean for me as a Creator?

As a creator, this gives you easy access to a publisher who can assist you in the development of your game. This includes insight into market trends, feedback on the direction and design of your game, and confirmation as to whether your game hits the performance metrics needed to succeed in today’s market. You’ll have access to international marketing that won’t cost you a penny.

How can I submit my game for a chance to get published?

You can submit your game or prototype via filling out the form above. Upon completion, Kwalee will get back to you promptly and provide an experienced point of contact who will support you in your game development and publishing journey.

Does Kwalee automatically receive the rights for every game I export?

No! We want to help you to get your game discovered by a publisher by giving you a direct route to Kwalee, our trusted partner. If you do not want to go ahead with Kwalee, then that is entirely up to you.

Can I submit a game to Kwalee for publishing even if I am using Buildbox Free (and do not have the option to export to mobile)?

Even if you can’t export your game, you can still submit a short piece of gameplay footage or your BBDoc. Kwalee will review the gameplay clip and provide detailed feedback based on their vast experience and observations of your game. If the game looks promising, they may even support you in securing the required export upgrade!

What happens if Kwalee selects my game for testing?

If Kwalee selects your game for testing, a member of their team will be in touch to help support you through the next steps. This will include some simple Facebook SDK and Game Analytics SDK implementation so that the performance of your game can be measured. They will also provide detailed feedback on your game so you can see the potential for improvement going forward!

What happens if my game hits Kwalee’s KPIs?

If your game hits Kwalees’ KPIs, then they’ll be in touch. They’ll provide information and analysis on where your game did well, and where it could maybe be improved. They may also present a publishing deal for close collaboration and a chance to top the charts! This will include the support of experienced teams dedicated to the development, UA, QA, monetization, and design. Everything needed to help make your game a global success!

Why should I use a publisher such as Kwalee to publish my game? / Do I really need a publisher to succeed?

Even before they published external developers games, Kwalee was, and is, a successful mobile developer who understands the market while having a lot of experience in creating their own games—achieving hundreds of millions of downloads over the years, giving them a lot of familiarity as to smaller developers struggles while looking to succeed and grow. Being around since the emergence of the hypercasual market has granted them valuable experience and insight into mobile gamings evolution, allowing them to establish themselves as a key industry leader with a unique perspective from both a developer and a publisher standpoint.
The mobile market is very competitive, and having an experienced teammate such as Kwalee, who can assist in navigating common development and design mistakes, puts you in a much stronger position to stand out. Not only this, but they can take onboard large marketing costs required to get your game out there. Identifying early on what games and concepts are engaging well with audiences, or which should potentially be put on the back burner to focus on other ideas. Helping you spend your valuable development time on the right projects.
In today’s competitive market, having a publisher drastically increases the chances of your game being given the shot it deserves amongst the large quantity of games out there. With so many developers seeking publishers in today’s market for support and backing, not securing one can leave you at a big disadvantage and inability to standout amongst the larger industry players.

What type of games are you looking for?

Kwalee has an interest in a variety of hyper-casual mobile games ranging from the snackable arcade, sport, and puzzle games to bright and addictive Idle games. Even if it’s an early prototype, if it’s eye-catchy with an easy to understand mechanic, Kwalee are happy to get involved!

Will Kwalee provide any (creative) feedback and help me to improve my game?

Upon receiving a submission, Kwalee will always provide analytical and design feedback where applicable to help you improve. Not only for your current game but for future games too. They have the aim of sharing their industry knowledge with developers so that even if you’re new to the mobile market, you can learn best practices with each prototype!


“Having worked and published games with many other publishers, I can say with confidence that no one will work as hard to make your game successful as Kwalee does.”

Gabriel Stürmer
CEO, Clap Clap Games (Submarine Jump)

“Kwalee’s in-depth involvement at various stages of game design and development is very different to other publishers, which typically only help with testing and nothing beyond that.”

Aayush Agarwal
Founder, Zhakaas