Best Game Development Tutorials

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Game Development Tutorials

Where can you find the best tutorials for game development?

It’s no secret that we have a ton of tutorial videos on making games right here at Buildbox. But we also have mobile game development tutorials and complete series covering game design techniques, marketing, and every other aspect of making games on our official YouTube channel too. So, today we’ve rounded up some of the very best game development tutorials and playlists to help you get the most out of Buildbox and find success in the App Stores.

If you’re new to game development, we recommend checking out our Make Your Own Game course first and browsing through the tutorials section on our website. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the basics of game design and the major features available in our software.

We also have an official guide and knowledge-base library with step-by-step instructions. Take your time going through some of the information and tutorials. They’re loaded with useful tips to help you master the art of making games.

Best 2D Game Development Tutorials

There are over 200 game development tutorials available on our official YouTube Channel. So, the videos below are only a tiny fraction of the full-length series on making games that you can watch. Each tutorial is led by our YouTube superstar and head of customer success, Zack Griset. You’ll learn by watching, as he walks you through all the steps in game design and creation.

Ready to learn? Let’s get started!

Develop Like A Pro (4-Part Tutorial Series)

In this four-part tutorial series, called Develop Like A Pro, Zack will show you four quick tips to follow when making games for professional results. You’ll learn how to randomize your scenes to make your game get progressively harder just like the Pros do. In part two, he demonstrates how to use the score multiplier to enhance your gameplay. And in part three and four of the series, you’ll learn how to add cool animations to your UI and use atlasses in your game.

How To Make A Space Shooter Video Game (Seven-Part Tutorial)

In this game development tutorial, Zack walks you through the entire process of creating a space shooter video game using Buildbox. You’ll learn from A to Z how to quickly build this type of gameplay. This is one of our longer tutorial series with seven in-depth videos. If you’re interested in making a space shooter and love retro-themed games, definitely check it out.

How To Make A Platformer Game

Similar to our Space Shooter tutorial, in this video you’ll learn how to make a different type of popular gameplay: the platformer. And Zack manages to pull it off, all in a little under an hour and a half. It’s a true testament to Buildbox’s lighting fast prototyping features.

In ‘How to Make a Platformer Game’ you’ll watch as he breaks down the entire process for creating a simple 2D platformer called Cubeland. It’s a great tutorial to help you learn how to quickly prototype and test your games as you design. Plus, he shares a few essential game design tips and hacks along the way. 

How To Make A Mario Block Smash (Game Development Tutorial)

Another must-see game development tutorial is How to Make A Mario Block Smash. In this video, Zack shows you how to make a block-smashing effect in your game similar to the classic Super Mario. Using our software, he walks you through each step to take. This cool design element is almost a requirement if you want to make your platformer or any arcade game fun.

Best 3D Game Development Tutorials

And for Buildbox 3 users, we have an entire lineup of step-by-step 3D game development tutorials with new videos being added weekly. Below are some must-watch videos to learn not only how to use our new 3D game engine but secret game design techniques for making incredible games.

Make A Game Like Voodoo (Three-Part Series)

Voodoo has been crushing it in the App Store and totally dominating the top free to play games category. And in this three-part tutorial, Zack shows you how you can make your own hit 3D game just like Voodoo using Buildbox 3. He’ll teach you how to use the default template and building out a 3D world just like the game Gaterusher.

How To Make A Spin Shooter Game (Two-Part Series)

In this two-part tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a spinning shooting style game much like the original Asteroids game but in 3D. Zack teaches you how to create this unique spin gameplay from scratch in our 3D game engine. You’ll learn how to make a main character with the ability to shoot little bullets and spin. The object of the game is to defeat as many enemies as you can before you’re hit.

FREE 3D Character + How To Quickly Make Your Own

Did you know you can even make your own 3D characters with Buildbox 3? Buildbox 3 has a built-in asset library for you to access. In this game design tutorial, Zack shows how you can quickly make your 3D characters right in the software using smart assets. You’ll learn how to make a cool spiky hair dude. Plus after the video, you can download the character he created to play around with or use.

How To Make A 3D Game – Jump Tower

This is also a cool game development tutorial with a bonus freebie. In this video, Zack breaks down all the elements to create a jump tower game in 3D. Learn tips and download the free template to explore. There’s also a quick lesson on how to create jump limits for your character in Buildbox 3 with some easy coding.

These game development and design tutorials are a great way to learn. So, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel. And don’t forget to click that little notification bell to receive an email when a new video has been uploaded.

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