The Pit Breaks Top 40 in US Charts

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We’re very happy to announce that our latest game, The Pit, crossed the Top 100 during its initial launch and since … has been blazing its way through the charts.

This week The Pit not only reached the Top 40 in the US charts but has continued to climb.

At the time of this writing, it’s currently ranked #14 in the US app store’s Free Games category. It was also ranked #4 in both France and in the United Kingdom. The Pit has climbed the charts in other countries as well including Sweden ranked #5, Canada ranked #9, Germany ranked #12, and Australia ranking in at the #16 spot.

The Pit is an action adventure game built entirely using Buildbox 2.0. It’s a great example of what you can make with our software. From the effortless one touch gameplay to the advanced control options and interactive elements, it’s all really quite impressive.

Players begin their adventure as a cool little green creature called Flint. The goal is to help guide him as he runs, jumps, and slides his way through the pit, a dangerous stretch of crumbling terrain. Unfortunately being on shaky ground is the least of Flint’s problems. Scattered throughout the land is a wide variety of obstacles and deadly traps. Players have to help Flint avoid spikes, rolling fireballs, rotating saws, collapsing bridges, flying bats, and electrifying hurdles.

What makes this game so fun as well as challenging is the controls. As the character runs players can double tap to perform epic double jumps and tap and hold to slide. The decision to attempt to slide under or jump over makes quick thinking and fast reflexes essential for survival. Players also have the option of unlocking new characters like Zoink, Dino, Koshi or Bombi. There’s 8 wacky unlockable characters total.

The Pit is extremely addicting and has received a 4.5 star rating in the app store. If you haven’t already checked it out, we recommend downloading it and seeing for yourself what’s possible with Buildbox 2.0 and a great idea.

See how far you can go … in THE PIT!

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