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How to Turn Your Creativity Into a Business

By | Buildbox

Are you full of ideas? Buildbox is the ultimate tool to use to turn your creativity into a business. Our powerful no-code software enables anyone with an idea to make a polished game that they can publish on the app store for profit. You don’t need any prior coding, design, or technical skills to use Buildbox. It’s extremely easy to dive right in and start creating incredible 2D and 3D games for iOS, Android, and …

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Pocket Coin Stack

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Pocket Coin Stack

By | Game Showcase

We love to see the type of games our customers are making and even spread the word a little with our weekly spotlight. These standout apps feature an exciting theme, fun gameplay concept or have recently been featured in the App Store or Google Play’s Indie Corner. This week’s spotlight is Tepes Ovidiu’s Pocket Coin Stack. This isometric style …

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Trixel Rocket

Buildbox Game Spotlight: Trixel Rocket

By | Showcase Games

This week’s game spotlight is BlizStudio’s Trixel Rocket. Trixel Rocket is a cool action space adventure that’s been dominating the charts. In over 27 different countries it’s ranked Top 100, and it’s currently listed #24 in the Adventure Games category. Apple has featured the game in the ‘New Games We Love’ category across the globe including countries like …

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